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What is the difference between strict aseptic technique and sterile clean technique?

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By definition, aspetic means free of pathogenic microorganisms. Whereas Sterile means absence of all the microorganisms. While the difference is clear, both terms are sometimes used interchangably. For example, FDA has a guideline on processing the sterile drugs in the Aspetic environment. But this guideline does not draw a clear distinction between the two categories.

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What is the different between aseptic technique and without aseptic technique?

aseptic technique is completely sterile and without it is just to be clean washed hands and normal gloves.

When you access a port catheter do you use is sterile technique or aseptic?

The terms sterile and aseptic mean the same thing. And you are supposed to use a sterile/aseptic technique. From what I have read, many visiting nurses do not do that if they are from the doctors' office. But they do it in the hospital. It is always best to do this using a technique that will not infect the patient.

What are the principles of aseptic technique and their rationale?

only sterile items are used in the sterile field

What is the difference between aseptic and antiseptic?

The adjectives are partly synonymous, but something that is antiseptic kills bacteria, while something aseptic is "surgically clean or sterile."

What does aseptic technique mean?

it means a procedure that is performed under completly sterile conditions

Name 2 ways to practice aseptic technique?

Washing hands is one of the first steps in practicing aseptic technique. Wearing gloves for non sterile procedures is another.

What is the difference between aseptic and septic?

Aseptic means being free (sterile) from contamination caused by harmful bacteria, viruses , etc. Septic means a wound that is festering.

When was aseptic technique first used?

The aseptic technique is performing a procedure using sterile conditions. Aseptic technique was first used around 1847 by Ignaz Semmelweis who suggest to all doctors to wash their hands before and after seeing patients, other doctors dismissed his theory.

List 4 common aseptic techniques?

Aseptic technique is most strictly applied in the operating room because of the direct and often extensive disruption of skin and underlying tissue. Handwashing, a surgical scrub, sterile surgical clothing, and donning sterile gloves are the four common aseptic techniques.

Should tracheostomy care be sterile or aseptic?


Why is it advice to work near the flame during aseptic technique?

It is advice to work near a flame during aseptic technique because it has to be performed under sterile conditions. Working near a flame allows for flame sterilization which would promote sterilization to the experiment you are working on.

What are the aseptic techniques used in microbiology?

Aseptic techniques refers to the procedure that is performed under sterile conditions.

What is the Difference between sterile and non sterile gloves?


Lists of aseptic technique you used in lab?

There are different types of Aseptic Techniques such as uphold of sterilastion. This is when you insure that the sterile sections in labs are kept sterile, by using sterile equiptment (such as gloves, etc) and washing hands for at least 2-5mins before entering sterile environments. Another technique is when dealing with sterile equiptment, not only do you use gloves, but ensure that you use the procedure of handeling equiptment in a certain way. Tilt the testube to the side for example, when you are screwing and unscrewing the lid of a container, using the side of your hands, not touching the rim with yor fingers etc. This should help a bit :)

What is the medical term meaning absence of germs?

Sterile or aseptic.

What is a seven letter word for germ free?

sterile, aseptic

What is aseptic milk?

Aseptic milk is milk that is contained in a sterile device. Milk is kept in aseptic containers in order to keep the bacteria level down and to ensure freshness.

What is the difference between clean and sterile?

Sterile is when you actually have used alcohol on it.

What is the difference between sterile water for inhalation and sterile water for irrigation?


What is the difference between sterile and sterilized?

one is an action while sterile is a state of being

What is the difference between sterile water and buffered water?

you can get mumps off sterile water!

What is the difference between sterile and non sterile?

see the answer here:

What is an aseptically-processed UHT milk?

Aseptic processing means that after UHT treatment the sterile milk is transported and filled into sterile containers without recontaminating the product. Aseptic product plus aseptic packaging and seal means that no contamination should occur after sealing (until the product is opened) and that the shelflife of the product is extended.

When would it be necessary to use aseptic technique when inoculating a tube nutrient broth with dirt?

That entirely depends on what you want the outcome of your experiment to be. If you are looking at the bacterial colonies that occupy soil then yes you want to use a sterile technique so that you dont add any external bacteria to the sample. If however you simple are investigating the contents of the dirt, and the bacteria that reside in it play little to no role, then you should be safe without a sterile technique.

Uses of formalin?

formalin is used in fumigation of laboratories and poultries for maintaining the aseptic or sterile condition