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What is the difference between the Blitz and War?

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Blitz is the German word for lightning. Made famous during World War 2 by Adolph Hitler. He coined the phrase Blitz Kreig, which means Lightning War.

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There wasn't a Blitz in world war 1!

They were evacuated in the fony war, the blitz and after the blitz stopped

Blitz kreig - lightening war

Blitzkrieg means Lightning War and refers to the fast, mobile tactics used by German armoured divisions at the start of WW2. The Blitz is the term used for the German bombing campaign of the UK during 1940-41.

The name blitz came from the word blitzkrieg which was the German way of saying lighting war. So the word blitz comes from lighting war.

Blitz is an abbreviation for Blitzkrieg witch translates (from German to English) to lighting war

In World War Two - Blitz was a word the English press used to use based on the German war stategy at the time: Blitzkreig. Blitzkreig was German for lightning war and Blitz was German for lightning.

blitz originate from Germany because blitz means in German 'lightning war'

Blitz is short for Blitzkrieg, German for lightning war

The Blitz is called the Blitz because the term 'Blitz' is short for Blitzkrieg and means Lightning war in German. Your Welcome <3

The Blitz was the sustained bombing of Britain by Nazi Germany between 7 September 1940 and 10 May 1941

War was declared in 1939 but the actual blitz started in 1940.

the effects of the blitz was people turning into cannibals

world war is war between more then 2 countrys and war is between only 2

Blitz is the German word for Lightning: Blitzkrieg being Lightning War.

The word Blitz comes from the German word blitzkrieg, or "lightning war".

The Germans did a blitz on Great Britain during World War 2.

Blitz in WW2 was an intensive campaign of aerial bombing.

The Blitz ended May 10th in 1941.

The Blitz took place in 1940 to 1941 in England.The Blitz is short for German word 'Blitzkrieg' which means 'lightning war'hope this helps

The difference is a civil war is fought between people of the same country and other wars involve other countries.

The word Blitz is the German word meaning lighting. The correct term for what many call the blitz is the Blitzkrieg, which means lighting war. The Blitzkreig is the war stratagy used by the Germans to invade enemy countries during World War 2

A civil war is between people who are part of the same country. A war, a true war, is between two or more countries.

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