What is the difference between the World Wide Web and Internet?

Internet - inter-connected computers around the world that allows the sending and travel of information World Wide Web (WWW) - collection of multi-media resources accessible via the internet Answer: The WWW is PART of the internet. The internet itself is just tons of computers connected together through various connections (a very large "network"). The WWW was an additional "service" which became a part of the internet. Most people think of the WWW as the internet but only because that is the only way to connect to the web. Browsers are used to connect to the www part of the internet.

Telnet, FTP, SSH, and other types of communications are also allowed and used on the internet.
The Internet and the Web are not the same entity. The Web is newer than the Internet. It is a set-up of information along with network software that is used to access it. A web page can be seen simply as a document that holds data or pointers (references) to data. In this case, data can be text, images, graphics, and programs. Web pages often contain links to other pages. A website is a group of related web pages.

The Web uses the Internet for communication purposes. In so doing, the Web makes communication on the Internet easier, more productive and more enjoyable.