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Old stone age means where the people used to go for hunting , ate raw fruits and never cooked the flesh of hunted animals. Old stone age people led a nomadic life .Where as new stone age means where the people started agriculture , and developed many scientific knowledge and also they started to believe in the natural things . New stone age people led a settled life.

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old stone: were hunters n gathers new stone : demesticated animals

That new stones are bigger and smaller stones are older

in the old stone age they all had the same jobs and in the new stone age they did. ex: hunters , farmers, people who make jewelry.the new stone age is really where civilization started.

Paleolithic means "Old Stone Age" and neolithic means"New Stone Age

The Paleolithic Era is the Old Stone Age. The Neolithic Era is the new stone age. "paleo" means old, and "neo" means new. "lithic" means stone age.

In the old stone age people used stone and in the new stone age they discovered new things like how to make fire and all that stuff

old stone age is the time before prehistory and the new stone age is the time during civilization and the time after history In the Old Stone Age, people hunted and gathered food. In the New Stone Age, people learned how to farm and grow crops.

The modern world has a lot of new technology that did not exist in the stone age. As a result, virtually everything about human existence has changed.

The mesolithic age served as a border bridge between the old and new stone age.

I believe it was an ice age. Several ice ages are spread between the times.

New Stone Age was known as Neolithic People . Old Stone Age People were known as Paleolithic people .

old stone age is stone age is new.Your Welcome.

The old stone age became the new stone age by going through the middle stone age. The difference has to do with the way the tools were made. The new stone age began with bifurcated stone arrows and spear points. Bifurcated stone tools could also be adapted for agricultural purposes. Spears could be used as pruning hooks. Swords could be used as plowshares.

During the old stone age they hunted and gathered.During the new stone age they farm

the old stone age had less technology

there where more rocks in the old stone age. new stone is new rocks.

the technology got more advanced. technology meaning: tools shelter clothes food such as farming

The middle stone age ended with a ice age marking the beginning of the new stone age

the new stone age climate was warm

Which of the following is known as the New Stone Age

about 12000 years ago for the old stone and i dont now how old for the new stone age