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What is the difference between truncate and delete in terms of a database transaction?

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Once data is truncated it can not be rolled back (recovered). However, data can be rolled back if deleted accidentally.

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What is the difference between delete and truncate statement in SQL Database?

Delete statement deletes only the data from the table but you can apply some condition and only part of the data can be deleted. Truncate empties entire table. Drop deletes the table itself.

What is the the difference between database and non-database system?

difference between database and non database

Why database integrity?

Database integrity refers to the safety of data. For example a transaction is made from an account of rs 500 and in between of transaction there is an abrupt , then integrity of data will be maintained and transaction will not occur.

What are the difference between hierarchical database and network database?

what is the difference between hirarchical,network and relational database model?

Explain the difference between a cash and credit transaction for purchass and sales?

explain the difference between cash and credit transaction

What is Difference between real time database and simple database?

the difference is about the transactions. the normal database is not included deadline, but the real time database is.

What is the difference between a cash transaction and a non cash transaction?

processing a transaction includes involves cash or non transaction and concept of different between two?

Difference between conventional OS and database OS?

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What is the difference between transaction risk and economic risk?

Transaction is bank risk

What is the Difference between primary and secondary market in transaction as related to flow of fund in transaction?

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What is the difference between database and database administrator?

Database is the data stored in the server and Database administrator is the person who designs the database.

What is the difference between database and datastore?

It is a collection tables that is stored in a database

Difference between database and relational database?

A relational database is a type of database, so in one sense there is no difference. There are various kinds of database. A relational database is one type. Others include network and hierarchical.

What is the difference between record and database?

A database is composed of one or more records.

What is the Difference between a database and a database server?

A database is a file. A database server is a computer that shares that file over a network.

What are difference between cache database and sql database?

CACHE is multidimensional and postconsonantal database and its supporting scripting

Difference between nested and distributed transaction?

·A nested transaction is a transaction that is logically decomposed into a hierarchy of sub transaction. A distributed transaction is logically a flat, indivisible transaction that operates on distributed data.

What is the difference between database management and documents management systems?

differences between document management and database technology

Difference between a local procedure and stored procedure?

local procedure wont store in database. Stored procedure store in database permanently and we can use it whenever we require. Other program also can use this stored procedure. And the transaction of stored procedure take care by DBA. But the local procedure transaction is take care by manually only

What is the difference between an operational and a transactional database?

The difference is not so much in the database itself but with the application that uses it. An operational application does all database queries/updates in a single one-and-done manner. Transactional applications have multiple steps that are considered a single unit and may involve dozens of database operations that must all be completed before any are finalized. Otherwise, the entire transaction is rolled back.

What is the difference between drop and truncate in dbms?

even though both these commands are related to the structure of the table...,we can regain the data when we use use drop command by use of rollback command but its not possible in the case of truncate command.

What is the difference between master table and transaction table?


What is the difference between login password and transaction password?

transation password

Difference between flat file and database file?

DATABASE FILE - is one that is stored on a server and it is in the format that the database needs to read it. It is stored in the database catalog......

What is the difference between a file and a database?

File is a collection of records whereas database is a collection of data in a file