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Nothing, rabies is rabies regardless of the species of mammal it infects.

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Virus that can be carried by dogs cats racoons and bats?


Is a distemper shot the same as a rabies shot for cats?

No. A distemper shot is a Parvo shot which prevents temper parvo and kennel cough which can be passed between cats to cats, dogs to dogs or dogs to cats

What 4 animals commonly get rabies?

Dogs, Raccoons, Squirrels, Cats

Can cats and dogs pass a cold to each other?

No. Cats and dogs are usually not susceptible to the same diseases and sicknesses, one exception to this is rabies.

Where do cats get rabies?

Cats get rabies from other animals that have rabies. Rabies IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!!

What animals can be vaccinated for rabies?

Rabies can be carried by any warm blood animal including racoons, cats, dogs, bats and 'possums.

Can cats get rabies?

Yes. Cats can get hydrophobia (Rabies).

Do foxes have rabies?

Not all foxes have rabies. But they are highly susceptible to the rabies virus, and can have it even when you didn't know it did. Foxes can get rabies from other foxes, coyotes, raccoons, wolves, dogs, cats, etc.

What animal is most likely to carry rabies?

any animal...bats...dogs...cats too. careful if they have rabies dont go near them!!

How can cats get rabies?

Cats usually get rabies by being bitten by an infected animal

Do hamsters have dangerous rabies?

Usually animals that get rabies are carnivores, like cats, dogs, skunks. Hamsters are carnivores, they are herbivores. If an herbivore has rabies, it is probably because it was attacked by an animal with rabies and got away. This doesn't usually happen.

Do cats have rabies?

No. Not all cats have rabies. In fact, in the UK rabies is practically non-existent in pets. The only way a cat can have rabies is if it has not had vaccinations and is infected with a cat that has rabies.

What are some animals that have rabies?

All warm blooded animals can carry rabies. That can include dogs, cats, bats and even people. non unless they have been infected by it dogs and bats However, rabies is extremely rare among herbivores, like rodents and bovines.

Do dogs have rabies?

Pretty much anything can get rabies, including dogs. If something has rabies and bites another thing, it can easily get rabies.

Is Mixamytosis harmful to dogs and cats?

mixamytosis is very harmful to dogs and cats it can cause them to get rabies, check out the film cujo lol it will show you what will happen if your dog gets invected with the virus lol.

Which animals are likely to be carriers of rabies?

All mammals can catch and carry rabies. Bats, racoons, skunks, dogs, cats and foxes are some of the main carriers of this disease.

What animals can give a person rabies?

Any mammal can transmit rabies. Bats, raccoons, dogs, cats, foxes, and coyotes have particularly high rates of transmitting it to humans.

Do all cats have rabies?

No. Animals with rabies have short lifespans. A cat with rabies lives only a few weeks. If all cats had rabies there would be no cats. The exception is bats. Bats can live for several years with rabies. If a bat bites you, see a doctor for rabies shots.

Can dogs get rabies from mushrooms?

No, but dogs may get rabies from animals like raccoons.

Do bush dogs have rabies?

Rabies can infect any mammal. However, most mammals, and most bush dogs, do not have rabies.

Where do dogs get rabies?

Dogs get rabies from being bitten by another animal that is already infected.

Are all dogs have rabies?

NO! dogs can only get rabies if they fall in a hole and then hump a worm

Do groundhogs get rabies?

Rabies is fairly uncommon on groundhogs but it has happened and Is definitely possible. Almost any mammal can get rabies. Animals like mice, rats, squirrels and groundhogs, are not very common to get rabies but can and does happen. Dogs, cats, foxes, cows and other mammals can all get rabies but birds fish and snakes can not.

Can a dog give you rabies?

Most of the people with rabies get rabies from rabid dogs.

Can cats spread disease to dogs?

Not all diseases can be shared between dogs and cats, but there are some such as rabies (through drawing blood) and ringworm that they can get. These are the most common. There are also some fungus diseases, that can easily be cured, and fluenza.