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What is the different between limited and unlimited government?


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I think limited government don't have so much to do to help. And I think limited government can make the rules

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The distinction between limited and unlimited government is that unlimited government has no power at all and limited government is a type of government that has limited power but only by law.

A limited government has little power but a unlimited government has full power

In an unlimited government, the leaders can do whatever they want

In a limited government, the people's rights are protected.

limited because it has different governments

The Answer is Not In Government It Is In Scarcity. Scarcity is the limited resources amd unlimited desires

3 Differences between Limited and Unlimited GovernmentLimited Government: Unlimited Government:Power from people Power from King or/and QueenPower is restricted Power is absolute and totalDon't get freedom Get freedom~Hope this helped =)

Brazil has a limited government. Because the Brazilian leaders do not have unlimited power.

Unlimited government, because they have unlimited power.

Cuba is an unlimited government.

a limited government is a government with limited powers & vise versa

Honduras is a limited government.

Germany is a limited government.

Mali is a limited government.

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