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not sure exact size but Mitsubishi is japenes, thersfore it is a mretic wrech u need

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What is the size of the oil drain plug on a 2007 Mitsubishi Galant 2.4l?

It takes a 15mm wrench.

Where is the air conditioner drain on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant?

where is the air conditioner drain on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

Where is the engine block drain plug on a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant?

on the oil pan. hope this helps.

Where is the transmission drain plug on 2003 galant?

The transmission drain plug on a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant is located on the front of the transmission, near the bottom. It allows the fluid to be easily removed during maintenance.

Why do I have water under my Mitsubishi galant glove box?

I believe that the airconditioner condensation drain is plugged. How do I clear it?

Where exactly is the ac condensation drain line on a 2003 Mitsubishi galant?

Under Dash by Gas Pedal.

What is wrench size for 02 Mitsubishi Diamante oil drain plug?

My money's on 17mm.

Does the 2002 Mitsubishi Galant gas tank have a drain plug?

Doubtful. Crawl under the car and look see.

Where is the drain plug on an 02 Mitsubishi Galant?

Oil - rear or side of oil pan Radiator - bottom or rear of radiator

Where is the engine block drain plug on a 1997 Mitsubishi Galant?

i personally have never heard of an engine block plug.could you be talking about an oil plug located on the oil pan or there is another plug on the radiator.

Wrench size to use on 2000 dodge neon drain plug?

If it's the "oil" drain plug, the size wrench is, better yet use a socket wrench=13mm.

Do you use a socket to remove oil drain plug on 2006 Jeep liberty?

You can, or a wrench.You can, or a wrench.

2002 Mitsubishi galant ac leaking in car wheres the drain?

I had this same problem with my 2001 galant. I went to the repair shop and they said that Mitsubishi made that part wrong and now it is causing problems. It was not recalled because it is not actually dangerous, just annoying. If you want to get it fixed, you will have to go to a misubishi dealership and it will cost between 100-300 dollars, which is about 300 dollars cheaper than a regular repair shop. I don't know where the drain is but was told that i would not be able to get to it. This is all i know and i hope that it helps you!

Where is the AC drain located on the XLS Montero Mitsubishi?

The Mitsubishi air conditioning drain is located near the bottom of the firewall in the engine compartment. The drain is on the passenger side of the firewall.

What size wrench do you use on the oil drain plug on a 2006 Hyundai Accent?

If the drain plug is original equipment, it takes a 17mm wrench or socket.

Where is a radiator drain plug on a Mitsubishi warror l200?

draining a radiator of a mitsubishi space wagon

What is the wrench size for an oil drain plug on a 4.7 2001 dodge Dakota?

The wrench size is 14mm.

What size wrench do you use on the oil drain plug on a 2000 sonata?

It should 14 mm wrench.

What size wrench is the drain plug for a ford taurus1997 Gl?

Mine is 12mm wrench, but some are different.

What size wrench for oil drain plug to 1995 Honda Accord?

17 mm socket or boxed in wrench.

What size wrench do you use to drain the oil on a 2007 Chevy impala?

Probably about a 15 millimeter wrench or socket.

What size wrench for 1999Tahoe oil drain plug?


How do you fix a clogged evaporation drain on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?

Blow compressed air into drain tube or use a coat hanger to clear out tube. Usually leaves, debris, and the occasional spider nest will clog the hole and cause the condensation to collect and then drain onto the passenger floor inside the vehicle. After clearing run the vehicle and turn on a/c on high and on recirc. Watch for condensation to now leak out of the drain tube and onto the ground.

How do you take off the drain plug on 96 Chevy blazer?

With a wrench...... :-)

Mitsubishi V6 engine coolant drain plug location?

The engine coolant drain plug on a Mitsubishi V6 engine is located on the bottom of the radiator. This allows for coolant to be quickly and easily drained.