What is the driest place in the world?

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2015-09-05 15:54:02

Some scientists say that Antarctica is the driest area on earth.

Others sat that the honor belongs to the Atacama Desert of South

America. Parts of the Atacama have received no rainfall in recorded

time - over 400 years.

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2015-09-05 03:51:41

The driest place in the world is Aswan, Egypt which averages

less then .02 inches of rain

Atacama Desert, Chile: imperceptible rainfall on a yearly


The driest place in the world is South America's Atacama Desert.

The desert receives only four inches of rain every 1,000


The Atacama desert ,found along the coast of Chile, South America -

right next to the Pacific Ocean, is the driest place on

Earth after the United States Geological Survey .Much of the desert

extends up into the Andes mountains and is very high in elevation.

Unlike more familiar deserts, like the Sahara desert in


and the Mojave in California, the Atacama is actually a pretty cold

place, with average daily temperatures ranging between 0°C and


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