What is the drunk driving limit?

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The maximum BAC (blood-alcohol content) you are legally allowed to have before being considered illegal is 0.08% in the US. In the UK the limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath.
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How drunk is too drunk to drive?

Any drunk is too drunk to drive. Even at less than twice the legal limit (almost drunk) even if you're too tired... DO ... NOT.... ATTEMPT... TO.... DRIVE....!!! Even after two or three drinks a person's reflexes, vision, coordination, etc., may be affected enough to prevent them from driving safel ( Full Answer )

Causes of drunk driving?

The main cause in all drinking and driving cases is drinking alcohol past the legal limit. To make sure the limit is known all across the country, I would check out this site to see what the legal limit is per state: http://duilawyernow.org/

Why is drunk driving bad?

While being drunk and behind the wheel you could take innocent lives. Drunk driving impairs your ability to stay alert and driving in general.

Why do people drive drunk?

People don't know why they drive when they are drunk. When you are sober you think that you would not drive drunk. But when you are drunk, that's a different thing all together... You do stupid things when drunk.

Where does drunk driving mostly occur?

On the highway, roads, anywhere where there is an operation of a vehicle while intoxicated on alcohol : http://duilawyernow.org/

Is drunk driving illegal?

Yes, or course it is. While drunk, a person does not have full control over their own bodies, let alone trying to safely operate a vehicle, too. yes, the person who wrote that is VERY correct. So don't drink and drive! -anonymous-

How can drunk driving be stopped?

If people took their responsibilities to the rest of the population seriously, this serious problem would not claim as many lives as it does.. The legislation that is in effect is quite adequate.. But unfortunately the courts seem to hand out such lenient punishments for driving under the influenc ( Full Answer )

Groups against drunk driving?

MADD is the main one it stands for Mothers against drunk driving. The woman who founded MADD stated it because her only daughter was killed by a drunk driver who was her neighbour.

What happends if you are caught drunk driving?

The police pull you over,then they take you out and talk to you,you go back in your car and wait,then they either give you a warning or take you to jail (just for the day,bcuz the jury needs to see you)

What are the effects of drunk driving?

The consequences could be a suspension or total loss of your license, depending on the outcome of this experience could mean jail, and the loss of your job is at risk as well.

What is the legal drunk driving limit?

depends on the state. I believe that all states are either 0.1 or 0.08 Nope, wrong! New Mexico=0.8 and in other states it's 0.10, that's why iTook health :]

What is good about drunk driving?

Nothing.. Drunk driving is dangerous for the driver, his/her passengers, other cars on the road, and pedestrians. It is an illegal practice and extremely unsafe - many times, fatal.

Why does driving when your drunk effect your driving?

Alcohol, as you probably know, can affect your sense of balance, coordination, vision, and can reduce your inhibitions; all of which are involved in driving and may lead to traffic accidents. By the way, It's never a good idea to drink and drive.

Why does driving when your drunk affect your driving?

Driving drunk affects your driving several ways. First of all, your thought processes and reflexes are slowed down, so you are not able to react to the road or anything else around you as quickly as you could sober. Further, your depth perception is off. This means that you could hit a car/person/et ( Full Answer )

How drunk driving can kill you?

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2004, 16,694 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes.. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people age 15 to 20, and DUI 's are often directly linked to, or a major cause of those deaths ( Full Answer )

What are interesting facts about drunk driving?

Leading cause of auto accidents and death. Drive drunk, have an accident and kill someone, and you will be charged with manslaughter. You will go to jail for a long time.

What can drunk driving do?

drunk drivin can kill. never drink and drive,if ur drunk and u and ur friends didnt set up a designated driver don't get in the car and drive and don't let anyone else whos imparied to drive, which would u rather have :get pulled over and get a ticket that's cost $500 bucks or get in an acident and ( Full Answer )

What are facts about drunk driving?

Skills necessary to driving are impacted by drinking alcohol.. The alcohol we drink literally enters our bloodstream in a measurable amount. We measure the amount as a mass per volume percentage. This is the reading of .xx for a blood alcohol content measurement known as a BAC level.. Countless st ( Full Answer )

Why is drunk driving illegal?

Drunk driving kills people. Not always, but too frequently, and itleaves other people severely handicapped, especially the innocentvictims. Alcohol is widely used because it reduces stress by quieting areasof the brain. Too much, far less than makes you legally drunk, willimpair cognition (awareness ( Full Answer )

What is worse driving drunk or walking drunk?

I think drunk driving is worse because you can get in a car accident, but also when you drunk walk a car can run into so there is no difference. (well I think so)

Who is killed by drunk driving?

Thousands of innocent people around the world are killed by drunk drivers every year. Unfortunately, the drunk drivers themselves, usually aren't killed in their own accidents.

What problems do drunk driving cause?

Drunk drivers account for thousands of deaths and injuries every year because their mental and physical abilities are impaired by alcohol which result in car accidents .

Can you get a drunk driving if your on a bicycle?

As far as I know - no. But you can get done for reckless endangerment or something like that, get fined and maybe even lose your license that way. You most certainly can . Even on you riding mower.

When did drunk driving start?

Immediately after you finished your last drink and turned on the ignition in your car and began driving.

Why shouldn't the drunk driving limit be zero?

Think about it for a minute. If your blood alcohol is zero, you are not drunk. You have not likely had a drink. That would be the vast majority of drivers on the road. Logistically, it would be impossible to pull over all drivers and test them for 0% alcohol.

Is it bad for people to drive drunk?

VERY BAD. Do you know what would probably happen? The drunk driver could go to sleep while driving and kill theirself and other people. The drunk driver could go crazy and swirve all on the road and injure many innocent people. That's why they make sings that says dont drink and drive. Also the pers ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to drive people who are drunk?

It is not illegal to drive people who are drunk. In fact it is the best thing to do for a person who is drunk instead of letting the person drive his or her own vehicle while drunk. That is why "designated drivers" are important.

What is the difference of felony drunk driving and misdemeanor drunk driving?

Misdemeanor drunk driving is when you are stopped by the police for erratic driving and it is obvious to the police that you have been drinking, and it is your first drunk driving offense. You are charged with felony drunk driving when there are aggravating circumstances such as causing an accident ( Full Answer )

Why should not do drunk driving?

Because You Can Very Easily Get Into A Car Accident That Will Cause Serious Injery Or It Might Also Cause Death. Alcohol impairs your ability to react quickly and impairs your thinking. Alcohol is a drug and driving under the influence of a drug is just plain stupid and can land you in jail for a lo ( Full Answer )

Is drunk driving month over?

Yes, but we need to be aware of the drunk driving problem every month of the year.

How is drunk driving being addressed?

Depends on the state. In AZ, it is 10 days in jail, first offense, plus a fine, I think it's $250. And, a point on your record. And, you get a court-ordered ignition lockout on the car, at your expense, and for a year, I think. That is, if your car is new enough to take one. That is, for a simple DU ( Full Answer )

Is drunk driving a criminal offense?

In most states, yes. One exception would be Wisconsin, where the first offense of drunk driving is a civil forfeiture.

Drunk driving laws in pa?

Drunk Driving has actually a law in every state. They vary but most of the time the concept is the same, even the sanctions.

How drunk driving is dangerous?

Drinking and driving is dangerous because drinking alcohol impairs your ability to function normally. It also affects your thought making process. It also hinders your vision. All in all, drinking and driving is very dangerous. Take a look at statistics, they will show you the grim truth. Tons of ac ( Full Answer )

What influences drunk driving?

Drunk Driving is a case mostly involving young adults. I guess one of the major influence is peer pressure.

What is the fine for drunk driving in England?

The offence of being in charge of a vehicle while over the legallimit or unfit through drink carries a maximum fine of £2,500.Never 'sleep it off' in your car or go out on the razz with yourcar keys, as you can be done for this offence even if you did notintend to drive. The offence of actually d ( Full Answer )

How does drunk driving effect your world?

It makes the streets more dangerous for you and your loved ones. Everyone's automobile insurance rates are somewhat higher because of other people's drunk driving. The expenses related to arrest, imprisonment, trials, probation and parole for drunk drivers are borne by taxpayers.

Where can stories of drunk driving be found?

There are many websites that contain stories of drunk driving. Among them are Madd, One DUI, Yahoo, Newser, Experience Project, USA Today, and The Blaze.

Why did Eddie from kickin it drunk driving?

Eddie was drinking while driving because he's a teenager andteenagers do know the difference between right and wrong, butsometimes, they never ACTUALLY think! So, that's why I think he wasdrinking... if that EVEN happened.. I heard that he had low ratingsand that nobody really liked him. I barely ev ( Full Answer )