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A duchy is the jurisdiction of a Duke. You'd have to check out the specific duchy for more detailed information. A good place to start is the British Royalty website.

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Q: What is the duchy?
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When was Duchy of Brunswick created?

Duchy of Brunswick was created in 1815.

When did Duchy of Brunswick end?

Duchy of Brunswick ended in 1918.

When did Duchy of Jawor end?

Duchy of Jawor ended in 1392.

When was Duchy of Styria created?

Duchy of Styria was created in 1180.

When did Duchy of Styria end?

Duchy of Styria ended in 1918.

When did Duchy of Ferrara end?

Duchy of Ferrara ended in 1597.

When was Duchy of Ferrara created?

Duchy of Ferrara was created in 1264.

When was Duchy of Holstein created?

Duchy of Holstein was created in 1474.

When did Duchy of Holstein end?

Duchy of Holstein ended in 1866.

When did Duchy of Mirandola end?

Duchy of Mirandola ended in 1710.

When was Duchy of Mirandola created?

Duchy of Mirandola was created in 1310.

When did Duchy of Troppau end?

Duchy of Troppau ended in 1918.

When was Duchy of Troppau created?

Duchy of Troppau was created in 1269.

When was Duchy of Oล›wiฤ™cim created?

Duchy of Oświęcim was created in 1315.

When did Duchy of Mantua end?

Duchy of Mantua ended in 1797.

When was Duchy of Mantua created?

Duchy of Mantua was created in 1273.

When did Duchy of Salzburg end?

Duchy of Salzburg ended in 1918.

When was Duchy of Salzburg created?

Duchy of Salzburg was created in 1849.

When did Duchy of Jรผlich end?

Duchy of Jülich ended in 1815.

When was Duchy of Jรผlich created?

Duchy of Jülich was created in 1356.

When was Duchy of Veragua created?

Duchy of Veragua was created in 1537.

When was Duchy of Neopatria created?

Duchy of Neopatria was created in 1204.

When did Duchy of Neopatria end?

Duchy of Neopatria ended in 1390.

When did Duchy of Urbino end?

Duchy of Urbino ended in 1625.

When was Duchy of Urbino created?

Duchy of Urbino was created in 1443.

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