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What is the easiest language to learn?

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February 10, 2016 1:10AM

The easiest language to learn is the one that is spoken to and

around you while you are an infant. You learn that one without

consciously trying.

Once you are older, the easiest languages to learn are those

that are closely related to the first language you learned as an


After your first language there is no such thing as an "easiest

language to learn". It depends entirely on the person. Major

factors include the persons's first language compared to the target

language, familiarity with the culture of the target language, and


Read the following answers with caution. They are just opinions,

and not based on linguistic facts and often based on narrow



"English is not the easiest language to learn, even though I

speak it. Spanish is the easiest language to learn because of how

you say it and how the letters look. For Japanese people it might

not be easy but, I think Japanese, Chinese,Korean, Russian and

English are the hardest Languages to learn."

Again, easiest to whom? Thanks for deleting my relevant point

about Cantonese speakers having no trouble with Mandarin but a hard

time with Spanish. Yes, this is the internet, and yes this is

purely anecdotal, but I do have an acquaintance from Hong Kong who

studied the IB in Britain and thought Spanish was a ridiculous

language to learn because it inflected so much, whereas Chinese

languages do not.


The easiest language to learn is the one with the most

similarities to your individual mother tongue. [note:

this statement is not necessarily true. A recent survey found that

most Americans found Spanish to be easier than Dutch, even though

Dutch is more closely related to English.]


Undoubtedly the easiest language for an English speaker to learn

is Scots. In fact, you could probably understand most of a

newspaper article in Scots just with your knowledge of English.

Scots should not be confused with Scottish Gaelic which, like all

other languages, is not nearly as easy to learn. Scots is easier to

learn than French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and even Esperanto.

Look at the Scots language links below.

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