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Buy a 15 mm wrench with an offset on it. It is almost impossible to do without one.

Easiest way is to work from underneath the car. Raise car and support with jack stands. Unsnap two panel trim fastener on right splash guard and push to side. Reach up with serpentine belt tool or long 15 mm box wrench and move belt tensioner pulley clockwide to loosen belt. Slip belt off the idler pulley which is to the right of the tensioner pulley. To put on just remember to put the belt under idler pulley last while taking tension off the tensioner pulley. Should take you only 5 minutes to do job. It'll take you longer to jack up car and move splash guard than for removing belt.

I work from above, but I bought a cheap 15mm box end wrench (offset some) and cut off the other end so I can slip a pipe over it as a long cheater. This has made a very difficult frustrating job a very easy one.

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