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What is the easiest way to get an overly tight oil filter off when access is difficult?

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Auto supply stores sell filter wrenches, which are comprised, basically, of a metal belt that stretches around the filter body, and a handle. They're usually no more than a few dollars, and with a little patience, will loosen all filters. Sometimes I also use one of those little rubber squares that are used as grippers when opening stubborn jars. They are in the kitchen supply section. As a rule of thumb, don't use these tools to tighten the new filter, it is only necessary to make oil filters hand-tight. I like to use a filter wrench that is a modified set of slip joint pliers, auto parts stores sell them and I have not yet found a filter it cant loosen or a tight spot it cant get into. I couldn't find a rubber jar thingy, but I did decide to try rubber playtex gloves (for dishes) and they worked really well. :)

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