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I'm relatively new to this site and I don't know how long your question has been posted. All you need to start a drama club are a few people and a few scripts. Your local library or school library probably have sections containing play scripts. Start your group by having play readings, move on to staged readings once you find a play that suits your club members. It isn't necessary, at the beginning, to produce plays for public viewing, but as you gain confidence you will undoubtedly want to do that. Production costs can be kept to a minimum by selecting modern plays that do not require period costumes. Even if you do select a period piece, costuming can be effective with just a suggestion of the period - such as hats and other minor costume pieces. Costumes can be created from a variety of sources. Theatrical lighting is not immediately necessary. You can do your plays outside (if it's not too hot!) in a park, or a garden, or anywhere that suggests the setting of the play. You don't need a stage, you don't need a theatre. As your group grows you'll find ways to get the things you need. But in the beginning all you really need is imagination and determination. Good luck!


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