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depends on the camera. If It's a digital camera or if it's a professional comera

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Q: What is the effect of megapixel on digital camera?
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How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 7.1 megapixel digital camera?

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 7.1 megapixel digital camera?

Which digital camera has the highest megapixels?

Hasselblad has the highest megapixel camera on the market. With a megapixel of 39, it is at the top of it's class!

What is an example of an early digital camera?

An early digital camera was the Kodak DC120, which created 1.2 Megapixel images.

What is the most megapixals I can get on a digital camera?

Currently, BetterLight offers the highest megapixals in a digital camera. The Super10K-HS model is a 416 megapixel digital camera.

What is the best compact digital camera?

Well, you can get a 12 Megapixel camera in Argos for £50

Where can one buy a 5 megapixel digital camera?

One can buy a 5 megapixel digital camera from the Walmart store. Walmart has a variety of cameras that can be purchased either in their retails stores or from their website.

How many pictures can an 8.1 megapixel digital camera take?

It depends on how much memory the camera has.

Which digital camera has the most megapixels?

The Seitz 6x17 Digital seems to have the highest megapixel count.

Is a Vistaquest digital camera better than a Coolpic digital camera?

Comparing digital cameras all depends on what you are looking for in a camera. Try comparing the megapixels on the camera. The higher the megapixel, the better the picture it will produce.

What is the best cheap digital camera by Nikon?

Nikon Pocket Watch is the cheapest digital camera and runs about 45 dollars. It is a 6 megapixel camera and is a great camera for beginners or for roadtrips.

Which Kodak camera is best for still-life photos?

The Kodak M1033 10-Megapixel Easyshare Digital Camera is great for still-life photos with its 10 Megapixel resolution.

Sanyo VPC-S1080 10-Megapixel Digital Camera?

what kind of battery does it use

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