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Salt water cause corrosion on most metal pipes.

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Salt water is flammable when exposed to certain conditions. The solution will be flammable is it is exposed to hydrogen-oxygen bond and radio waves.

When plant cells are exposed to salt water the process of dehydration occurs. The cells die as a result of the water that is pulled out during dehydration.

homeostasis does have salt effect, when you sweat you lose water and salt

The salt in the water will dry it out.

Salt water can cure a scratchy throat

any salt that absorb water or moisture when exposed to atmosphere to turn to a solution

Salt dissolves better in warm water.Also if the salt is in water it will automatically dissolve if the water is hot or cold.So in that case heat does not effect the dissolving of salt.

So that there is more surface area on the salt exposed to the water and therefore reacts faster.

The salt water has a greater density and the floating is easier.

I diubt that the salt in the water would have any effect however the chlorine in the water might if the balance of the water is not correct.

Salt does not have much of an effect on wood. Salt is a preservative that prevents the growth of fungi on wood surfaces.

The stomata are closed when exposed to saline solution or salt water. If a plant is exposed to the salty water it will become dehydrated and eventually die. Uness the plant is a type of mangrove or is salinity tolerant plant.

Corrosion is accelerated in salt water; culpable is the ion chloride.

Adding salt to water the boiling point is increased.

Yes, salt increase the boiling point of water.

Because seawater has salt in it and salt is hygroscopic and will dehydrate skin.

it can effect our drinking because of the salt that is in the water

Yes, when exposed to salt water for a period of time, then they can crystallize.

When exposed to salt water, fresh water Elodea cells lose water, and the cell membrane pulls away from the cell wall

Salt kills plants because it dehydrates the roots so the plant cannot get enough water.

The water that boils fasteris fresh water because salthas an effect on water.

Salt increases the boiling point of water and lowers its freezing point.

Salt water provides physiological stress to the plant

the salt water would effect the mung seed wait three days See it will germinate

The salt added to water makes the water colder so salt water evaporates slower than just plain fresh water.

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