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its about 12x5x67 respectively

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Q: What is the equation to figure out how much concrete is needed?
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How much copper sulfate is needed to make the water in concrete pond clear?


How much concrete is needed for an area 8' x 4' and 3 deep?

96 cubic feet of concrete

How much concrete is needed for a 16x32 kidney shaped pool?

a lot.

How much concrete is needed area 20ft long by 12inches wide and 4 inches deep?

0.246914 cu. yards (6.666667 cu. ft ) of concrete is needed.

How much cost the aggregate that used for mixing one ton of asphaltic concrete?

First find out how much concrete is needed for your project thwn do the calculations.

How much concrete is needed for a slab 40x25x4?

Approximately 12.35 Cubic Yards.

How much concrete for 12 feet by 4.5 feet?

The depth of the pour would also be necessary to calculate the volume of concrete needed.

How do you measure how much drywall needed?

You figure out the square footage, and then the size and number of boards needed.

How much energy is needed to pulverize one ton of concrete?

2288777744x10 to the power of Bush

How much concrete is needed for a slab 2000 square feet?

It depends on the depth required

Can you pour concrete into a column and it not crack?

Yes but concrete is going to crack if it has too much stress. If it's a decorative column then use a 4000 mix. If it has a load on it you will have to figure how much weight is going to be on it.

How much concrete is needed to block nuclear radiation?

My Astronomy professor says that we need at least 15 feet of concrete to block nuclear radiation.