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The executive branch of the US government is made up of the president and vice president.

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Q: What is the exective branch of government?
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Which constitution principle protects the public from abuse by one branch of government?

exective branch

In which branch of government is in charge of dealing with other countries?

the exective branch Added: Represented by the State Department.

What article describes the Exective branch?

the judicial branch

What does the exective branch do?

carries out the laws

What does exective branch do?

The executive branch of the United States government is charged with enforcing laws. The remaining branches, legislative and judicial, write and interpret the laws, respectively.

What is the main duty of the exective branch?

Carry out Laws

Does the exective branch influence congress?

The executive branch does influence the United States Congress.

What is primary duty of the executive branch of government in criminal law?

the duty of exective branch in any country is alwys realted to the execution of laws, which means if court declares that a person should be hanged to death in crimnal case then its responsiblity of exective branch in crimnal law to hang the person to death.. humble reply by madeeha kanwal pakistan

Who Was The Leader Of The Exective Branch in the colonial governments?


How are the people in the executive branch chose?

The only person who serves in the exective branch of the U.S. government is the president. He is chosen by the party he represents and then it is up to the people to decide which person, either Democrat or Republican, they want in the White House.

What is the exective branch of Georgia?

The executive branch of Georgia and of any other state is the Governor's office and all departments under it.

Does the continuous body of congressional committees allow them to check on agencies in the exective branch?