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The expansion valve is usually in the evaporator and simply opens or closes to allow the appropriate flow of refrigerant into the coil. The theory is that the expansion valve makes your AC run more efficiently.

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Q: What is the expansion valve on a home AC condenser unit?
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Can use 7 ton condenser unit hook up the 6 ton evaporator?

you can probably get away with that just make sure you have an expansion valve on the evaporator. An expansion valve will keep liquid from getting back to the compressor.

Where is the expansion valve on a 1995 Lexus ES300?

It is attached to the back wall of evaporator. You have to remove the glove compartment, blower unit and evaporator to get access to the expansion valve.

How do you determine what the sub-cooling temperature of a unit with a Thermostatic expansion valve should be?

give answer

When you change a home air conditioning value do you have to drain all of the freon?

That would depend on where in the system the valve is. In many instances you can pump down the unit so all of the refrigerant is in the condenser and change a valve that is on the low side of the system or indoors.

Where is the AC condenser unit located?

The AC condenser unit is located right in front of the radiator.

How do you perform basic maintenance on a home AC unit?

Change the indoor filter, wipe the indoor unit down, and spray off the condenser

Where is the orifice tube on 1999 ford e350 rear ac?

its an expansion valve and it is located in the black box ( in the rear unit)

Major components of chiller unit?

The most important is the compressor, but the compressor alone can not cool down the chiller so next in line is the condenser after that is some kind of liquid flow control, that can be a capillary tube or a expansion valve then the evaporator where the real cooling happen then there is the thermostat that control te temperature

What is the cost of a home air conditioning condenser?

depends on the tonage and make of the unit. estimated any where from 1,500 to 4,000 dollars..

How do you replace the expansion valve on a 92 Honda civic?

The expansion valve is found inside the evaporator housing. To replace the AC system needs to be flushed legally. Then valve is only held down by a few mounting screws. Once the AC system is bled, loosen the screws and replace the unit.

Where does refrigerant go after it leaves the purge unit of a low pressure centrifugal system?


Where is the orifice tube on ac unit 1985 Buick LeSABRE?

follow the high side line from your compressor, it should be just after your condensor, or it could be an expansion valve system if it's been updated, the expansion valve would look like a square block.

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