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There is no noticeable loss in mileage, certainly none in coolant of using a/c at 60% capacity versu 100% capacity.

It depends on which car you have. Some just mix in hot air to make it warmer. Other's shut off the compressor after the internal temperature has reached a certain point. The second type can save you gas if you don't run the a/c at 100%.

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Q: What is the extra cost both in mileage and in coolant of keeping the air conditioner knob at 100 percent cold compared to 60-75 percent?
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City or highway...

Can you reuse your antifeeeze coolant after you take it out of your car?

Yes, if the coolant is still clean and has not been in the system for long. But if you are changing the coolant at the recommended mileage of your cars manual then it should not be reused.

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When Coolant sensor is bad on 1997 jeep grand Cherokee what effect does it have on proformance?

Hard start, poor fuel mileage,...

What is the recommended mileage for replacing a 2004 Tahoe Vortec water pump?

You don't have to replace it until it starts leaking coolant.

Why would gas mileage change when you change coolant sensor?

did it change for the better or worse? if it changed for the better it could of been bad.

What is considered too high mileage on a 1998 Chevy Silverado Z71?

A high mileage for the vehicle is anything over 200,000 miles. Many people are keeping their vehicles longer as long as they are running well for them.

How can one get a better mileage from a vehicle like car?

Keeping a vehicles service history up to date and keeping a vehicles tire pressure correct, is key to getting good mileage from your vehicle. Improved driving attitude, slow acceleration and anticipating traffic conditions, to make less and unnecessary use of the brakes.

How do ford trucks rate in gas mileage compared to other makes?

Ford trucks are usually worse than other makes when comparing gas mileage. Brands like Toyota and Mazda are better.

How often to change coolant on a Honda Accord 2007?

Good question. I'm trying to find the answer myself. Closest I find is in the owner's manual on page 199, where it says "Replace engine coolant" without any mileage or time numbers.

Why does an engine blow?

Could be, lack of maintenance, abuse, lack of oil, lack of coolant, high mileage, exceeding speeds in any gear (abuse)

When using your car air conditioner does it use more gas?

Up for debate--Will lower fuel mileage, but if you take into consideration the increased wind resistance created by having windows open--probably a wash Up for debate--Will lower fuel mileage, but if you take into consideration the increased wind resistance created by having windows open--probably a washYou will use more gas when your air conditioner is running.

What is gas mileage on 1979 super beetle?

From 25 to 30 mpg. It all depends on how you drive it, city or hi-way driving, fast or slow. The bugs are really reliant on keeping the valves adjusted for better running and mileage.

When is the appropriate mileage reading in order to flush out transmission fluids coolant and power steering fluids on a Buick Regal 1994?

2 yrs. or 25000 mi.

What can you do for better gas mileage?

Don't use air conditioner or heater, roll windows down, and don't put stuff on top of the car (like a car top carrier).

How do you compute ratios in airline business?

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What kind of coolant for a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

Since your model of car is older you should use orange dexcool. It protects against rust in higher mileage cars

Do pick up trucks get good gas mileage?

Compared to cars, pickup trucks get bad gas mileage. However, if you can find a hybrid or especially fuel-efficient model of truck (for example, Ford trucks tend to be slightly more fuel efficient than Toyota trucks) you may be able to get good gas mileage.

What gets better gas mileage a car or a four-wheeler?

Four wheelers because they average 30-50 mpg compared to a vehicles 17mpg.

Will your tire mileage double by rotating tires?

No it will not double the tire life, but NOT rotating your tires can cut your tire life by more than half. The mileage expectancy of a tire is calculated taking into consideration proper tire rotation, keeping them inflated to the proper PSI, how you drive, and correct alignment.

Get Better Gas Mileage Through Regular Maintenance?

The cost of gasoline is rising, and this means more and more people are on the lookout for ways to improve their vehicle's gas mileage. The easiest way to get better gas mileage is to simply keep the vehicle maintained. The air filter, engine, and tires all play a part in a vehicle's gas mileage. By regularly replacing the air filter, keeping the engine in tune, and ensuring the tires are always properly inflated, a vehicle's gas mileage can be improved. In addition to better gas mileage, these steps promote the vehicle's overall performance and longevity, saving car owners money.

What is the salary for a long distance CDL truck driver?

That depends on their company, how much experience they have, what method they're paid by (percentage or mileage), and how well their company does at keeping the wheels turning.

How do you know when a radiator needs flushing?

Radiator fluid or coolant becomes corrosive over time and damages the cooling system. Manufacturers give recommendations for replacement, but they can be confusing. Because coolant depletion is a chemical reaction, time if far more important than mileage. With a five year or 100,000 mile recommendation, five years are the key. Testing the pH of coolant gives a pretty good idea. New coolant has reserve alkalinity and measures 8.5 or higher. When coolant reaches 7.0 the reserve alkalinity is depleted and damage may begin. This is a good time to replace.