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Q: What is the falling action of the dog of pomeii?
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Falling action of the most dangueros games?

When the dog falls into the pit trap. That's action and it involves falling.

What is the falling action of the story morning in nagrebcan?

The falling action of "Morning in Nagrebcan" by Manuel Arguilla is when the father and son reach home after walking through the forest and the son asks his father if he can have a dog. The peaceful resolution of their earlier conflict about the dog marks the falling action of the story as it winds down towards the conclusion.

What is the falling and rising action of Beware of the Dog by roald dahl?

In "Beware of the Dog" by Roald Dahl, the falling action occurs when the protagonist discovers that he is not in a hospital but in an enemy's headquarters, and that his legs have been amputated. The rising action builds as he gradually realizes the truth due to subtle clues and discrepancies in his surroundings.

What is the falling action of beware of the dog?

The falling action in "Beware of the Dog" by Roald Dahl occurs when the protagonist, Peter Williamson, discovers that he was shot down during the war and is actually in a German hospital. As he begins to question his own identity and past experiences, the tension builds as he uncovers the truth about his injuries and captivity. The falling action concludes as Peter comes to terms with his situation and makes a decision about his future.

What is the falling action of Cirque Du Freak by Darren Freak?

the falling action to the falling action is that darren gets a potion for

Where is pomeii?

Pompeii is in Italy.

What is the falling action of the ambitious guest?

falling action of ambitious guest

What is the falling action for the thrid wish?

The falling action for the third wish is something

What is the falling action in remember the titans?

falling action of troy

After the falling action of a story what should the reader expect next?

Falling action

What comes after the climax?

The falling action takes place after the climax. This is when the story begins to die down and there is less action. The story is almost resolved at this point.

What is the action of a story?

falling action