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What is the fear of pumpkins called?


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Cucurphobia is the fear of pumpkins, so jack-o-lanterns are the same. -RJ

They're called "Jack Be Little Pumpkins".

yeah why i want to know too

It's a tradition to carve pumpkins on Halloween, when the pumpkins are carved they are called jack-o-lanterns.

There is no band called the Crashing Pumpkins. They are called the Smashing Pumpkins and one can purchase their latest songs from Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

Yes, It is where Pumpkins grow on a vine on the ground. This is called a Patch,by many people.

The fear of teachers is called pedagophobia. Also, the fear of learning is called sophophobia, and the fear of school is called didaskaleinophobia.

what is the fear of dusbins called ?

The fear of fears is called phobophobia. It is the fear of getting a phobia.

In a different country,I think

The fear of rain is called ombrophobia.

the fear of nuns is called "monachousaphobia"

The fear of stickers is called panniophobia. The fear of stickers is fairly common and is often related to the fear of uncleanliness. The fear of stickers is called panniophobia.

The fear is called Triskaphobia. Similarly, the fear of the number 13 is called Triskadekaphobia.

Fear of eyeglasses is called Matogyaliaphobia.

The fear of syringes is called Trypanophobia.

The fear of eels is called yirrkalaphobia. -RJ

Fear of Asians is called sinophobia.

No, plums are. Hence, it is called " plum" sauce.

The fear of being scared is phobophobia. The fear of fear.

No, small pumpkins are baking/cooking pumpkins; large pumpkins are carving pumpkins and their flesh does not cook as well as do the small ones.

There is unlikely to be a specific name for a fear of hummingbirds but a fear of birds in general is called ornithophobia.

That fear is called ninysevnophobia

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