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the sperm goes to it when having(after) sex(it takes time for the sperm to actually enter the egg.)


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the female reproductive system has an ovary sperm cell and the egg cell.

The female reproductive cell develops in to an egg after gametogenesis and after fertilization with the sperm nucleus it becomes a zygote.

it produces egg cell for female reproductive system

The female egg cell is the stamen.

The egg cell functions as a haploid cell in sexual reproduction. The physical or amniotic egg protects the developing organism after it has left the body of the female parent.

cobntain 18000 male genes to the female egg it then fertilises the degg

The function of an egg cell is to join with a sperm cell to create a new being after the parents.

The function of the sperm cell is to fertilize an egg cell.

Fertilization is the process that results in the union of a male sperm cell and female egg cell.

It holds DNA for the child. This DNA is the mothers. The fathers DNA comes from the nucleus in the sperm cell.

How the nucleus from a pollen grain fertilize a female egg cell

In a grain of pollen,what is the function of the sperm cell that doesn't join with the egg cell?

The egg cell (female reproductive cell) is called an ovum, or ova in plural

A somatic cell is any body cell that is a non-sex cell and an egg cell is the female reproductive cell; the female gamete

The female reproductive cell is the egg, or gamete. The female human reproductive cell is often referred to as ovum, or ova if plural.

the ovule is a plant structure in seed plants that produces the female gametophyte; contains an egg cell

A female produces only one functional egg cell because if a female produce four functional egg cell it means that the female will have four babies in her womb if the four lucky sperm cells reached the four functional egg cell. it says that theres only one lucky sperm cell for the egg cell so female produce only one functional egg cell.

The female egg is called the 'egg cell.' It is much larger than the male sperm cells. When the egg and sperm fuse a diploid cell (or zygote) is formed.

The female reproductive cell is known as the ovum or egg.

Animal : Sperm (male) , Egg cell(female) Plant: Pollen grain (male, Egg cell (female)

the easisest way i can explain is this is when an egg meets a sperm. an egg is a male cell and egg is a female cell

The egg cell us part of the female reproductive system.

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