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When the female egg cell met with sperm

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Fertilisation of the sperm cell?

fertilisation is when the sperm cell from the male and the egg cell from the female meet in the vagina. after an age the fetus (baby) can develop.

What does fertilized cell mean?

It means that the cell or ( Egg ) is fertilized with sperm which will later develop into pregnancy.

What is a fertilized cell?

A fertilized cell is when a mature ovum (egg) is fertilized by a sperm. It becomes a fertilized cell. The sperm enters the ovum and the tail drops off. Then mitosis occurs and the cell continues to develop.

Do a sperm cell and a ovum create a fertilized cell?

Yes, and if the fertilized cell survives, the female will become pregnant.

What is a fertilized hen egg?

A single cell that will develop into a chicken or rooster

How do turkey eggs get fertilized?

A female and a male well you know get together and then the egg cell inside the female was fertilized by the sperm cell inside the male.That's how a turkey egg gets fertilized. It doesn't always require both a male and a female to fertilize an egg. Sometimes a female can fertalize it on their own, this I can't explain.

Which cell during oogenesis must be fertilized by a sperm if it is to become a mature egg?

An egg need not be fertilized to become mature. An egg must be fertilized to develop into an embryo.

Did you begin as a single cell?

Yes. Everyone begins as a single cell. A single-celled egg, fertilized by a single-cell sperm. Which then becomes a zygote, then a blastula, then slowly a fetus.

What part of the egg becomes the chicken?

The germinal disc. The egg is really just a single cell, until it is fertilized. The blastodisc (white spot on top of the yolk) is what will become part of the fetus when fertilized with sperm. Then the fetus feeds off the yolk to continue developing.

What names of cells that meet to form a baby?

In order to form a zygote (a fertilized egg) that ultimately matures into a baby, there has to be a union of the male and female gametes. The male gamete (or sex cell) is called sperm and the female gamete is called the ovum. When the sperm comes into contact with the ovum (or egg cell), it penetrates the egg cell and the process is caller fertilization. The fertilized egg transforms into a zygote and ultimately matures into a fetus, which then grows up into a child

What is difference between a ovum zygote embryo fetus?

A zygote is formed by the fusion of male and female reproductive cells. A embryo is a young organism in the early stages of development. A foetus or fetus ia a developing baby from about eight weeks after conception and a ovum is a female sex cell (egg in other words) (plural: ova) Zygote: Cell that is formed from the fertilization of a sperm and an egg, basically its a fertilized egg Embryo: Unborn baby, before it becomes a fetus Fetus: Fully formed baby (inside mum still) with head, fingers, no tail..

What factors determine whether a bee will become a worker bee?

Any female (fertilized) egg will normally develop into a worker. For it to develop into a queen the egg is laid in a special cell called queen cup. Which becomes a queen cell when they built up. These larvae are exclusively fed on royal jelly and when they pupate they turn into queens rather than female workers.

The female gamete is called the?

The female gamete is called an ovum or an egg. This is the cell that is fertilized by the male gamete known as the sperm.

Why can an egg or sperm cell alone develop into a new individual?

A sperm or egg alone can not develop into a new individual. Only an egg fertilized by a sperm does.

Is a zygote part of the female reproductive cell?

A zygote is formed from the egg cell contributed by the female parent and an sperm from male parent. The fertilized egg is called a zygote, therefore, zygote is definitely a part of female reproductive cell.

How does the female sex cell and the male sex cell meet in an animal?

After copulation the male sperm and the female egg usually meet in the ampulla of the Fallopian tube where egg is fertilized.

Where is the site of fertilization of a fertilized cell?

In humans, fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes of the female reproductive tract.

What is meant by the statement that male bees are fatherless?

When a queen bee lays an egg she usually fertilizes it with a sperm she received on her mating flight. However, when she lays an egg in a drone cell she will not fertilize it. Bee eggs will develop whether or not they were fertilized, but the result is very different. Fertilized eggs will always develop into a female (all worker bees are female), and unfertilized eggs will develop into a male. This means that males will only carry genes from the queen, not from any drone she mated with. Drones may not have a father, but they do have a grandfather.

What do you call a fertilized egg cell?

A fertilized egg cell is called a zygote.

What name is given to the fertilized cell?

The fertilized egg cell is called a Zygote.

What does 'fertilized egg cell' mean?

A fertilized egg cell is when a sperm enters an egg. The result is a fertilized egg cell, or a zygote.

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