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A female cat is callled a queen

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A female cat is called a molly.

When a female cat is in heat it is called Estrus --This is the name of the cycle. The name of the cat itself is a queen. == ==

I think you can just call them a female cat or a Queen.

A male cat is referred to as a "Tom", and a female cat is referred to as a "Queen".

A female cat is referred to as a Queen, a male is a Tom.

Male cat is a tom or tomcat.A breeding female cat is a queen.A baby cat is a kitten.

Any female name will do ... Lucy works.

A female cat is called a Queen.

A female cat is called a queen.

A male cat is NOT called a "cat." The proper name is "Tom." Thus, a female cat is called a "Molly." However, if a female cat is pregnant or nursing, she is referred to as a "Queen."

Penelope Is The Name Of The Female Cat That Is Chased Around By Pepe La Pew.

It depends if your cat is beautiful and is female.

A female cat is a queen or a tabby.

A female is a Queen; a male is a Tom.

A cat can be male or female A female cat is known as a she cat. A male cat is known as a tom cat.

The answer to that is tabby cat.

It could be referred to as a feline.

The answer to that my friend is The Duchess...

A male cat is a tom, a female cat is a she-cat, and a pregnant female cat is a queen.

A female cat is a Queen and a male cat is a tom cat.

The most common male cat name is Max. The most common female cat name is Molly. Molly? Weird, it seem to be more human the cat. But my research proves it.

Should be. Molly is a girls' name.

Female cats are called queens and males are called toms.

NO BUT MAYA OR ELLA IS I think it is a fine name for a female cat. Depending upon the origin of the name, it could mean: favor, grace, strong, girl or pretty eyes.

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