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Q: What is the figurative language in The Jolly Corner?
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How many pages does The Jolly Corner have?

The Jolly Corner has 30 pages.

When was The Jolly Corner created?

The Jolly Corner was created on 1908-12-01.

Is dialog figurative language?

no dialogue is not figurative language because figurative language is similies, metephors and idioms and personification

What is the defferentiate between literal language and figurative language?

Figurative Language is to a form of work that means it's actual definition. While, Figurative Language

Figurative language He's a bear of a man which figurative language is this?


Is symbolism considered as a figurative language or a sound element?

symbolism is considered to be figurative language. onomatopoeia is a sound element that is a subheading of figurative language.

What figurative language is in The Road Not Taken?

i think the figurative language in this poem is metaphor.

Is foreshadowing figurative language?

It can be classified as a form of figurative language or rhetorical strategy.

How to use figurative language in a sentence?

To use Figurative Language in a sentence you have to use a simile or metaphors or other Figurative Language like''It is as big as a skyscraper.''

The eastern horizon is a golden window what figurative language is that?

This is an example of an engish figurative language.

Is figurative language meant to be taken literally?

of course not. Figurative language is to be taken figuratively.

What are some christian songs with figurative language in them?

what are some gospel songs with figurative language in them

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