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What is the figurative language in The Jolly Corner?

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The Jolly Corner has 30 pages.

no dialogue is not figurative language because figurative language is similies, metephors and idioms and personification

Figurative Language is to a form of work that means it's actual definition. While, Figurative Language

symbolism is considered to be figurative language. onomatopoeia is a sound element that is a subheading of figurative language.

i think the figurative language in this poem is metaphor.

It can be classified as a form of figurative language or rhetorical strategy.

To use Figurative Language in a sentence you have to use a simile or metaphors or other Figurative Language like''It is as big as a skyscraper.''

of course not. Figurative language is to be taken figuratively.

figurative language is metaphorical, symbolical language (see figures of speech)

what are some gospel songs with figurative language in them

Figurative language is a word or phrase that departs from everyday literal language

language that contains images that describe a subject through the use of comparisons.

it uses figurative language but it also uses literal language

Figurative language is writing or speech that is not meant to be taken literally. Also a Simile, metaphor, analogy and personification in poetry is all figurative language.

the most common figurative language (s) are English and Chinese.

he use figurative language to make it interesting.

The figurative language found in the song I'll Be There for You is metaphor.

one song with figurative language in it is dance by big sean

all his poems have figurative language in it! Silly!

what are some figurative language examples in call it courage

Figurative language is not what the words you use reall means.. figurative language is the metaphorical meaning of the word or words

We use figurative language because normal language is less effective in any literary work,also the normal language is boring,all in all we use figurative language so as to escape from banality

"Figurative language" is two words, of course, and refers to things like similes and metaphors. The use of figurative language usually shows a work of fiction.

Some figurative language is simile you can start it off like a baby.

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