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What is the final drive on the 1995 Honda 1100 Spirit?

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Count the number of teeth you have on the motor side sproket, divide that by the number of teeth you have on the rear sproket. IE 11 on motor side divided by 53 on rear sproket = 4.81 : 1 (use the first 2#s after "." )

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What is the oil capacity on a 2000 Honda shadow spirit 1100?

The oil capacity of a 2000 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 is 3.3 quarts. This is equal to 3.1 liters of oil.

What is the battery size for a 1100 Honda Shadow Spirit?

It is a HCB16 A-A

What is the oil capicity of 2005 Honda shadow spirit 1100?

4.5 qts

What is the oil capacity of 1997 Honda shadow vt 1100?

how much compression for 1997 honda shadow spirit 1100vt motorcycles

Can you run extra driving lights on a stock 1997 Honda spirit 1100 electrical system?


How many quarts needed 2002 Honda shadow 1100 spirit oil change?

3.3 quarts.

Where is the fuel pump on a Honda Shadow Spirit VT 1100?

it is located under the air cleaner assembly box

2007 1100 Honda shadow spirit-what model gas tanks will interchange with this model?

4 gallons

Will a 1993 Honda st 1100 triple tree fit a1993 Honda shadow 1100?

will a 1993 honda triple tree fit a 1993 honda shadow 1100

How many quarts needed for a 2002 Honda Shadow 1100 Spirit oil change?

3.3 quarts including new filter

What coolant to use on a 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100?

You can use any commercial coolant for automobiles or Honda's own coolant.

Will a Honda vtx 1800 fit a 06 Honda Sabre 1100 frame?

Will a Honda vtx 1800 rim fit a 06 Honda sabre 1100

What is the recommended tire pressure for 2001 Honda shadow spirit 1100?

29-30 psi front, 33-41 psi rear.

What is the spark plug socket size for an 2007 Honda shadow spirit 1100?

18mm thin wall socket normal socket will not work

Would VTX 1300 motorcycle pipes fit on a Honda shadow spirit 1100?

will 750 shadow pipes fit 1300 vtx

2005 Honda shadow spirit 1100 spark plug gap?

A 2003 Shadow requires a gap of .031 - .035 in per owners manual

What is the top speed of a Honda shadow spirit 1100?

I have a 2006 shadow spirit 1100. I read that you can expect 70-98mph tops, but this weekend I rode it at 110-115mph on the highway...I have hard chrome pipes and the carbs were jetted to match.....that's all I've done to it except to put a windshield on it.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 1999 Honda shadow spirit 1100 cc?

There is a placard on the bike listing the correct pressure. Normally it is on the rear swing arms.

What is the average mpg on a 1982 Honda goldwing 1100 cc motorcycle?

It all depends on how you drive, but look at around 35 to 40 mpg.

Is the exhaust for the 1100 Honda Shadow the same as for the 750 Honda Shadow?

No, it is not the same.

How do you check water on 1100 Honda motorcycle?

What model?

How do you remove fuel pump on Honda shadow 1100?

what is the best way to remove the fulepump on a vt 1100

Where is the fuse located on a Honda shadow ace 1100?

I dont know i need to know where the fuses are under the seat of honda shadow 1100 show picture please

How do you adjust air fuel mixture on a Honda shadow spirit 1100?

The mixture screws are usually hidden behind aluminum plugs installed to keep you from making adjustments. They must be drilled out

Where is the oil drain plug located on 1100 cc Honda Shadow Spirit?

This is located on the bottom left-hand side of the engine.It is located below the front left foot peg.