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your butt stinks

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Can baking paper be used as piping bags in cake decoration

I need the top of a cake round for a treasure chest cake. How do i add extra cake on to make the top look rounded

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Q: What is the fine chocolate powder used in making cakes and candy?
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What is the chocolate powder used in making cakes and candy?

your butt stinks

What is a fine chocolate powdered used in making cakes and candy?

cocoa powder???

How is chocolate used?

Chocolate is used in making candy bars, chocolate pies, chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, chocolate baking product, chocolate drinks such as hot chocolate, it is used in some makeup products, and so much more.

What do Americans use chocolate for?

To make candy, cakes, pies, hot chocolate, cookies. To decorate cakes, cookies. Pretty much what anyone uses chocolate for.

Why is paraffin wax uses in chocolate candy making?

Paraffin wax is used in chocolate candy making to give the chocolate a sheen.

Is chocolate considered a candy?

Chocolate, in itself is not considered to be "candy" but instead considered by the FDA to be an ingredient sometimes used in the process of candy making. Similarly used in this candy making process is vanilla also not considered to be "candy" but simply a sweet. Though most people do associate chocolate with candy.

Why did Nestle candy stop making Treasures chocolate candy?

why did they stop making nestles treasure candies

How do you use parrifin wax with chocolate?

In candy making paraffin wax is added to chocolate t raise the melting point of chocolate, it also makes the chocolate glossy. Perhaps the ratio can be found on a candy making site.

What is chocolatiering?

This term is a verb, refers to the occupation of working with chocolate to create confections (candy, cakes etc.).

If I'm making candy, do I really need a chocolate thermometer?

Candy or chocolate thermometers are very handy tools when candy making. Although you don't necessarily have to use one, it makes the process much easier.

What is a colonial confectionery?

it is a place or speacialty of making candy cakes and sweets medicines or poisons

What are candy melts?

They are essentially coloured white chocolate. Commonly used in candy making and baking.

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