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If you are caught driving 31 miles over the posted speed limit in New York the minimum fine that you would pay would be $360 with the maximum being $600. The action may also carry prison time of not more than 30 days and place 8 penalty points against your driving record.

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Q: What is the fine for doing thirty one miles over the posted speed limit in New York State?
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What is the residential speed limit in the state of California?

25MPH unless otherwise posted.

What is the maximum driving speed in a residential area?

The maximum speed is the posted limit. If there is no posted limit, the maximum speed is set by the local or county government based on the laws of the specific state.

If a speeding ticket says over posted limit but there was no posted limit does this make the ticket void?

No it will not void the ticket. There are standard speed limits set by state statute which must be obeyed whether they are posted or not. Exceeding these can result in a violation.

What is the maximum speed limit in a residential area if there is no speed limit?

The speed limit in a residential area with no posted speed limit varies by state. The average being 25-30 mph.

How fast should you drive if there is no speed limit sign?

(in the US) Unless otherwise posted, 25 mph is commonly the universal speed limit in populated areas of an urbanized environment. Other than that, every state has a maximum speed limit codified in their laws. You may not exceed the maximum speed limit for your state, whether it is posted or not.

What is the same as the posted limit?

The maximum speed limit.

When the posted speed limit is 70 mph what is the max speed?

The posted speed limit is the max speed.

When there is no speed limit in a residential area the speed limit is?

This un-posted speed limit may vary from state-to-state or even municipality to municipality - but a CUSTOMARY example would be 25 MPH. Check with your LOCAL authorities.

What is the speed limit for a motorcycle on a highway?

the posted speed limit

What is the american speed limit?

There is a stretch of Texas state route 130 north of San Antonio with a posted speed limit of 85 mph (137 kph).

The maximum legal speed limit on a rural interstate highway is?

The maximum legal speed limit on a rural Interstate highway is the posted speed limit in the United States. Each state in the United States has different posted speed limits for Interstate highways and other highways.

On a new york state highway where there is no posted speed limit the fastest you may legally drive is?

30 mph

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