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What is the firing order for a 1991 Chevy Camaro 3.1 L V6?


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2004-09-16 19:10:40
2004-09-16 19:10:40

the firing order for 3.1 is 14 63 25 this is the coil firing order which starts from leftto rightfacing the front of the car the firing order for the motor is 123456 starting in the back of the motor leftside when your facing the front of the car 1 3 5 in the back 2 4 6 in the front


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For a 1991 Chevy S10 2.5L engine the firing order is: 1-3-4-2 . The distributor rotates clockwise.

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165432 #1 cylinder is left front

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When troubleshooting problems within an engine, it can help to know the firing order. The firing order of a 1991 Chevy Lumina 3.1L is 1-2-3-4-5-6.

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The firing order should be 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

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All V8 Chevrolet's firing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2. 1,3,5,7 is on the left bank and 2,4,6,8 is on the right bank. The distributor turns clockwise.

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