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The Stomach

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What is the structure that receives food and begins both mechanical and chemical digestion?

the stomach

How of plan a food menu structure?

first step:get food menu structure second step:plan it

In what structure do proteases first act on food?


Proteases first act on food within what structure?


What receives food from the esophagus?


Who receives their food directly from the plants in the food web?


What is the organizational structure of food and beverage department?

what is the structure of food and beverage

Explain why it is correct to say that the air and food passages cross in the pharynx?

The esophagus receives food and the larynx receives air. Since esophagus lies behind the larynx, the food and the air passage are said to cross in the pharynx.

Portion of the pharynx that receives both air and food is the?

The Oropharynx

Which organ receives digested food to be sorted?

i think it is the intestines

What race receives the greatest percentage of food stamps?


In a food web which type of organism receives energy receives energy from every other type?

a. carnivore b.producer c.decomposer

What is the main function of the stomach?

Receives food from the esophagus Stores the food Mix the food w/digestive juices Moves food into the intestine

What is the structure that keeps food from going down the windpipe?

the EPIGLOTTIS is the structure in which prevents food from going down the windpipe.

In Birds the structure in which food is stored and moistened?

There is a structure in a bird's digestive system at the lower part of the esophagus in which food is stored and moistened. This structure is called the crop.

How does a fungi get its food?

Fungi receives food through filter feeding. It can also just eat bacteria.

What is the portion of the pharynx called that receives both air and food?

The Oropharynx

Can someone who receives food stamps be claimed as a dependent on your taxes?

yes they can

Which structure controls the flow of food and water from the stomact to the small intestine?

The pylorus which is a muscular sphincter that controls passage of food from the stomach to the first part of the intestines (duodenum).

What is the section of the small intestine that receives gastric juices and food from the stomach?


What is the name of the chamber that receives partially digested food from the stomach?

Small intestine

Why is thalamus in plants called a receptable?

Because it receives and stores food mateial

What if a cell receives no oxygen or food?

The cell would die. A cell is just like you. A cell can not live with out oxygen or food!

What structure grinds up what earthworms eat?

The gizzard is the structure that grinds up the food.

When does a jellyfish sting?

A jellyfish stings when receives particular stimuli, like the presence of food.