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The capital of Italy is Rome therefor it should be the same however Rome has its own flag partly to do with the fact that the north and south of Italy don't talk and are divided by Rome the flag is :

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Q: What is the flag of Rome?
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Did rome have a flag?


What are the colors of Rome?

The colors of Rome are orange and red. These are the colors that are shown in the Rome flag. these colors have been placed in each flag that Rome had throughout the years.

What does the Rome flag look like?

The flag off Rome is black and red and it very important because it is a very valuable

What are the colors on the Roman flag?

Ancient Rome flag was red and had SPQR written on it in yellow. SPQR stoop for Senatus Populus Que Romanus. (The Senate and People of Rome). The flag of Rome had a red half and a yellow half placed vertically.

What is the national flag with R at the center?


What was the signal flag used for?

Dressing rome

What does the colors of Rome's flag mean?


What does the colors of the rome flag mean?


What color is ancient Rome's flag?

its red and white

What do the star on the US flag represnet?

the prince of rome

What do the colours of the flag of rome mean?

poo boo

Did Ancient Rome have a flag?

yes it was yellow and red