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What is the flesh colored bumps in the back of your throat?


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The flesh colored bumps in the back of your throat could be a mucocele or lymphoid follicles. Both of these are harmless, do not cause any pain and do not require treatment.


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Anatomically, bumps on the back of your throat are your tonsils.

Red bumps in the back of the throat could be a sign of a sore throat or an infection. It may also be a sign of tonsillitis.

There are various conditions that could cause white bumps to form at the back of the throat. Oral thrush and tonsillitis are some causes of this symptom.

Go to the doctor to check yourself for strep throat.

If you have red bumps in the back of your throat, it may be caused by post nasal drip. It may also be an infection, or strep throat.

Red bumps on the back of throat can be an indication of different types of medical conditions caused either by a viral or bacteria infection. These conditions can include strep throat, mononucleosis, chickenpox, tonsillitis, and scarlet fever.

If you have white spots on your tonsils or on the back of your throat, it is possible that you may have tonsillitis.

Strep is usually white bumps, but could be something else. If the bumps persist, see your doctor.

Go to a doctor. !! Go to a doctor. Go to a doctor.

if they are red sort of blotches then they can just be ulcers.

They could also be the normal circumvallate papillae.

Yes and it can get infected and posably kill u.......... JK

The bumps on your back are sweat holes.

If you have bumps on back of your mouth and under your tongue and it hurts to swallow, you are most likely coming down with some kind of virus. It may be strep throat and will need to be checked out by a physician.

No, everyone has them. I disagree with the first answer. Pustules in the throat may be a sign of infection. A physician should be seen if there is pain and/or accompanying fever.

The tonsils are right before your tonge. If you open your mouth you can see them, they are 2 big bumps on the left and the right side.

This could be a variety of things. Strep throat maybe but that becomes sore, possible STD - you should seek medical attention in the event it is a STD in your mouth/throat before it becomes serious.

Strep throat you will see in the back of your throat tiny white bumps or spots, if you see that you might need anti-biotics, if it's a soar throat you might just need some water, two ways to help is if you take a teaspoon of honey and let it drip down your throat, or you could gurgle warm salt water.

Could be just Olsders, anything in mouth first try a bit of bonjela, get it from most chemists a clear gel for in mouth problems..

If the bumps are regular and symmetrical IE. the same on both sides, they are most likely a variation of a taste bud- there are different types of taste bud that can be found in different locations- the ones at the back of the mouth are often mistaken by the novice for oral cancer. If you are unsure- visit a dentist :-)

Bulimics touch their uvula, in the back of the throat, that piece of flesh that you can see when you open your mouth. The natural reflex is to throw up.

You get saliva in the back of your throat because you are always swallowing it. This keeps your throat lubricated.

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