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White blood cells. They are killing bacteria, hopefully.

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A blister is a burn on the skin and to heal itself a liquid is produced to create conditions so new skin can form. Leave it alone. Popping it can open it to infection.

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Q: What is the fluid that oozes from blisters?
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Can blisters from poison ivy rash ooze yellow liquid?

Yes, the fluid that oozes out of poison ivy blisters is clear yellowish or clear.

What does glomerular filtration contain?

a filtrate fluid that oozes from the glomerulus and is collected by the Bowman's capsule.

Will poison ivy blisters spread the poison if broken open?

No, the poison will not spread from the fluid in the blisters. Only from the oil from the plant itself.

What are these red bumps on your foot that have fluid then drain?

Most likely blisters.

What does blistering mean?

It means a painful swelling on the body containg fluid..It normally happens when u burn

Blisters on stomach?

Blisters on the stomach can be caused by an allergic reaction, irritation between the folds of the skin, a viral infection or some type of biting from an insect. Blisters are a raised portion of the skin, similar to bumps, but may be filled with fluid.

Popping blisters good or bad?

The fluid in the blister is contagious and the blisters can spread to other parts of the face.

What causes fluid to leak from the feet?

Sores or blisters can cause fluids to leak from the feet. When feet perspire this can also cause fluid around the feet.

What trees leaves are covered with fluid?

There is a tree in the tropical rainforest that has a black sap that oozes out of the tree. Touching the sap will cause burn type sores on the skin.

Which volcano oozes out lava in Hawaii?

every volcano either oozes lava, ash, or rock

What is true about the fluid from sulfur mustard HD blisters?

it does not contain any agents

Will the liquid in the blisters of shingles make the rash spread?

no that liguid is only a water-like body fluid