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What is the formula for calculating the voltage drop across the cable?

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The formula for a simple DC voltage drop across a cable is:

VDrop = Vmeasured at the input of cable - Vmeasured at the output of cable

This formula may seem simplistic however keep in mind that the sensitivity, accuracy and resolution of measuring instrument instrument is what is really important.

If you know the DC current flowing through the cable and the impedance of the cable then you can use Ohm's law. Vdrop = I R where Vdrop is the voltage drop across the cable in volts I is the current flowing through the cable in amperes R is the resistance of the cable in ohms.


Calculation of the voltage drop is given by the formula below

Voltage Drop (Volt) = [(mV/Am)/1000] * I * l

Where mV/Am = millivolt drop per meter per ampere of the cable

(this information is given in the table based on IEE Wiring Regulation)

I = Current in the cable (in Ampere)

l = Distance of cable (in Metre)

See related links below

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What is the formula for calculating voltage drop?

Since the voltage drop occurs across both conductors, we must take the resistance of both conductors in the cable into account. So, if the resistance of one conductor is R, then the total voltage drop along that cable will be:Voltage drop = I x I x 2R

Low voltage cable size calculation formula?

sir please provided the all low voltage cable size and attached formulas

What are formula to calculate cable size and voltage drop?

The formula to calculate cable size and voltage drop is Vdrop = current x distance times 2 times Ohms per 1000ft times 0.001.

What is formula for calculate size of cable?

cable sie for DC = (current x loop length x 0.019)/ voltage drop where 0.019 is conductivity of copper cable

What will be the voltage drop across two core cable whose length is 1500m and voltage is 24v dc and load is 2watt?

There is insufficient information in the question to answer it. You did not provide the size (gauge) of the cable. Please restate the question.

Formula for working out cable size?

There is actually no specific formula used to work out cable size. In order to determine the type of cable you need and the size you need, you need to know the source of the supply, the voltage of the system, the ambient temperature, and the method you plan on laying out the cable.

How do you calculate the cable size for a run of 30 meters?

to calculate the cable size of a run of 30 meters long you first will have to know the current of the appliance use the voltage drop formula V d = (mVxIxL)/1000 once the voltage drop is less than 2.5% of the nominal voltage, the cable should be upsize.

Will voltage drop over cable distance?

If the voltage is supplying any current through the cable, i.e. if there is any 'load' at the end, then the voltage will drop through the cable.

What effect does it have on the voltage drop in an electrical cable if the resistance of the cable is decreased?

It will decrease the voltage drop.

What is voltage grade of cable?

Voltage Grade of cables specifies the safe voltages which the insulation of the cable can withstand.

What is the cable size of 85kw motor?

Cable size is based on amperage. The formula for amperage is I W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts. As you can see without a voltage given this question can not be answered.

What is an LT cable?

An LT cable is a low tension (or low voltage) cable.

Why drop voltage in xlpe cable is more than PVC cable?

The voltage drop in a wire has nothing to do with the insulation. Voltage drop has to do with the cross sectional area of the wire.

How do you find cross sectional area of cable when you have the lent current and the voltage drop?

cross sectional area of cable * voltage drop

How many volts are in a Cat 6 twisted pair cable?

The question makes no sense. A cable cannot have volts in it. Voltage is measured across an element. I assume that you are asking what the voltage between the signal lines and the answer is dependent on what you are connected to. Gigabit ethernet is one level, 10/100 is another and so on.

What is the advantage of using higher voltage as opposed to lower voltage when operating heavy electrical loads?

For appliances that need a lot of power, the advantage of a higher voltage is that less current is needed, because power = voltage x current. That means that the cable doesn't need to be so thick. It also means that for a given percentage of voltage drop in the cable, the allowable volt-drop in the cable is higher when the supply voltage is higher. This also allows the use of a thinner cable especially when the cable is 100 ft long or more.

Does the device or cable determine the voltage on a slow cooker?

The voltage is always determined by the device. (in this case a slow cooker).However, having established what voltage to supply to the device, the cable must be suitable for the voltage used. Everything in the chain of power transmission, must be rated for the correct voltage. Cables, plugs, fuses etc.

What is voltage drop when utilized with cable runs?

A: ANY CABLE will have a definite impedance and if current flow there is going to be a definite voltage drop because of it

How do i tell the voltage of my lawn tractor battery?

You will need a voltmeter. Hook the red cable to the + post and the black cable to the - post and it will show the voltage.

What size cable to run 30 meters to power 15amp motor?

To do a voltage drop and cable size calculation, need to know what the voltage is.

What is the difference between low voltage and high voltage same size cable?

The difference between low voltage and high voltage for the same size cable is that cable size affects current carrying capacity, while power is voltage times current. As a result, the same size cable can transfer more power at high voltage than at low voltage. This is why utility power transmission and distribution systems use high voltage. A typical transmission voltage in the US might be 69 kv, 138 kv, even 345 kv, and a typical distribution voltage in the US might by 13.2 kv.

What is the voltage drop for 16 mm Cable over 100 meters?

The voltage drop depends on the current through the cable.For DC current in cable of 16 mm diameter, at 68° F, the voltage drop is(0.00857) x (current, Amperes) volts.

What should be the bending radius of armoured power cable?

The radius of the curve of the inner edge of the bends shall be at least 6 times the external diameter of the armoured cable. For low voltage cable, 10.5 times the diameter of the cable. For high voltage cable, 18 times the diameter of the cable.

What do you use to mark the high voltage cable?

Why is use the triangle system in high voltage cables

How do you test the 11KV HT cables?

The test equipment used to test high voltage cables is a hi-pot test where a high DC voltage is a applied to the cable. This voltage can be from 150% to 200% of the working voltage of the cable.See related links below.