What is the fuse number for the front cigarette lighter in a landrover freelander 2?

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f45 in the engine compartment, there is a spare on the top of the lid
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What is the fuse number for a cigarette lighter on a vauxhall vectra 2002?

The cigarette lighter fuse is located at the left side end of the dash board. Open the passenger's door, you'll see a removable plastic panel with the picture of an airbag. Th

Where is the air filter on a landrover freelander 2?

it's in the plastic engine cover, you'll need to remove a couple of bolts to get it out. Or the pollen filter I've heard is under/behind the glove box The pollen filter is

What is the fuse number for a cigarette lighter on a Nissan Primera 2003?

ive got 2004 p12, im guesing they're the same. Anyways, in the dirvers side, under the wheel to the right, there should be a panel which you can remove to get to fuses. The ci

What fuse number 2010 cigarette lighter ford focus?

I had this same question. The answer for a 2010 which comes with two accessory plugs instead of the cigarette lighter, is they are called POWER POINTS. the two in my car have