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Pontiac Sunfire

What is the gap distance for spark plugs on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?


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2005-03-31 15:02:46
2005-03-31 15:02:46

The gap for the 2.4L is .060in. Other engines will likely be different.


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Um, ALL cars/trucks/SUV's have spark plugs. What a stupid question.

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I think that in all of the Sunfire engines, the plugs are in a row across the front of the engine. Try locating and following the plug wires to help you. FriPilot

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Provides a high voltage to the spark-plugs so that the fuel ignites in the cylinders.

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The plugs on 2.3L and 2.4L OHC engines the gap should be at 0.050 in.

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