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What is the gap on spark plugs for a 2003 dodge intrepid?


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.50 is the gap for a 2003 Dodge intrepid with a 2.7 moter .

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Could be plugs and wires (spark plugs) I had a mis-fire (only 3 cylinders running) and I replaced my spark plugs and wires, and it worked. I have a 2003 Dodge Neon SE. Cheers!

At the end of the plug wires that don't connect to the spark module.

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for a 2003 dodge intrepid with a 2.7 L and the 606 transmission, it cost me 283.50 at my local dodge dealer.

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You can remove the spark plugs in your 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse by turning the spark plugs to the left. You should use a 5/8 deep well socket. The spark plugs will come out.

It is a 3.1 Liter V6, so it has 6 spark plugs.

yes , it has ( 8 ) spark plugs , they are under the ( 8 ) individual coils

2003 c320. So a v-6 correct? They are located on both sides of the engine. Your engine will have spark plug cable wires going from the ignition coils to the spark plugs, you need to remove the cables off the plugs before you can remove the spark plugs.

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