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This type of transport is generally called passive transport.


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no, but it requires energy. passive transport doesnt require energy.

active transport requires energy.

transport by truck, ship or plane would require energy.

yes. Active Transport does require cellular energy. Passive transport does not. (:

yes, active transport does require energy.

nothing, passive transport doesn't require energy

No. Passive transport does not require the cell to use energy.

All forms of active transport require energy.

The process that doesn't require energy is faciliated diffusion

Active transport requires energy usually from a molecule called ATP. Passive transport require no energy.

Active transport requires the use of energy to do; passive on the other hand does not require energy to do.

Passive transport... the opposite of active transport.

No energy is needed because it's a part of passive transport, not active transport.

Passive transport does not require energy (ATP), whereas active transport does.

No, It does not. Because of ATP.

The two types of cell trnsport it Passive Transport and Active Transport. Active Transport does require energy to move into and out of the cell. Passive Transport doesn't require energy to move into and out of the cell. Hope I helped!

No, it is passive transport because it does not require any of the cell's energy.

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