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Parent drug: 0.8-2.4 hours; Metabolite: 5-6 hours

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Does Acetohexamide cross the blood brain barrier?

Acetohexamide crosses the blood-brain barrier, which is why it is not prescribed to patients who might show sensitivity to this action.

Does Half-life opposing force require Half-life?

No. Half Life: Opposing Force does not require neither Half Life nor Half Life: Blue Shift.

The time it takes for half of the radioactive element to decay is the element's what?

That's called the "half-life".That's called the "half-life".That's called the "half-life".That's called the "half-life".

Is half life opposing force on Playstation 2?

No, only Half-Life and Half-Life: Decay.

Is there more blood in half life or Half Life Source?

Most likely Half Life Source

What is a half -life?

A half-life is when a radioactive substance degrades down to half of the original radioactivity.

Will there be a Half life 3?

Half-life 2 Episode Three will be the next Half-Life game created by Valve. It is not known if there will be an official Half-Life 3. Originally, Gabe Newell planned the Half-Life 2 episodes to actually be Half-Life 3.

What is the half life of antibiotics?

Antibiotics do not have a half life.

What is the best way to say I missed half of my life or I've missed half of my life?

You say 'I've missed Half my life' which is short for : "I have missed half my life'

What is the half life of the earth's magnetic field?

Magnetic field doesnot have a half life. Elements have half life.

How do you import half life 1 weapons into half life 2?

Buy Half Life: Source Or Buy Garrysmod a Half-Life 2 Modification and get the addon "Half-Life Rennaisance" Link to Half Life Rennaisance: Enjoy!

How do you add enemy for half-life?

How do you add enemy for half-life?

What is a half life earth science?

Half-life is a mathematical and scientific description of exponential or gradual decay.Half-life may also refer to:In science:Biological half-life, pertaining to organisms (also refers to "elimination half-life", a pharmacokinetic parameter in medicine)Effective half-life, the effective radioactive half-life in organisms after accounting for excre

Can Half Life mods be downloaded on a Half Life demo?


Half life of helium?

Helium does not have a half life as it is stable.

Is half life 3 online?

There is no "Half Life 3" If you're talking about Half-Life 2, then no, but you can get Counter-Strike.

Does cocaine have half life and what is its strength of half life?

No half is a game. Shelf life? Then yes varies with temp and humidity

Can half-life source be used for half-life mods?

No. Half-Life: Source runs on the Source engine. The original Half-Life doesn't. You cannot use mods made for the original Half-Life on Half-Life: Source because they run on different engines and it won't work.

What is the half life of a radioactive substance if it takes 6 hours for 50 percent of it to decay?

That is the half-life - the 6 hours in this case.That is the half-life - the 6 hours in this case.That is the half-life - the 6 hours in this case.That is the half-life - the 6 hours in this case.

How much of a sample of radioisotopes remains after two half-life?

One quarter of the original. After one "half-life", half of the radioactive atoms will have broken up; after another half-life, half of the remainder will decay.

What is chlorine's half-life?

chlorides half life is either 308,000 or 300,000

Do you need to have half life or half life 2 to download one of its mods?

Yes you do. Counterstrike: Condition Zero, however, is not a mod of Half Life, and therefore, does not need Half Life to acquire.

What is the half life of promethium?

Promethium 145 has a half life of 17.7 years. Promethium 146 has a half life of 5.53 years. Promethium 147 has a half life of o.22 years.

Half-life is defined as what?

Half-life is the amount of time it takes for one-half of the radioactive atoms to disintegrate.

Where can you download the half life 1 soundtrack for free?