What is the hemisphere of Hungary?

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Hungary is a country located in Eastern Europe. Geographically you will find that Hungary is located in both the eastern and northern hemispheres.

Where is Hungary?

Hungary is in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia Croatia and Slovenia.

What is a hemisphere?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere. The names comes from hemi- which means half, so hemispheremeans half a sphere. We often talk about the northern and southern hemispheres

What are the hemispheres?

Our earth is divided into two portions: Northern hemisphere andSouthern hemisphere from north to south respectively. Or you coulddivide it into Eastern and Western hemispheres

Are you Hungary?

yes i am Hungary Hungary is the name of a country where i live. What is the question? :D are you hungry? Are you from Hungary? Very Hungary. Go make me some Tu

What hemisphere is Hungary in?

The North and Eastern Hemispheres.. The nation of Hungary is located in central Europe. That places itin the northern and eastern hemisphere. Croatia, Austria, Romania,Slovak

Why am i Hungary?

Because you are a Land Locked Eastern European Country, capital Budapest.
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What do the hemispheres do?

In terms of the Earth, the hemispheres act in a way to divide the planet into two equal halves. The two hemispheres are joined together by a line called the Equator.