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What is the history and value of a Colt Army Special 38 revolver with a 5 inch barrel serial 356656 if the grips are chipped and the front sight is bent but it is otherwise in good working order?

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2006-07-16 12:57:46
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The Colt Army Special revolver was a modernization and continuation of the New Army/New Navy series. Your gun was made in 1913. The revolver was available in .32-20, .38 Long Colt, .38 Special and .41 Colt, with barrel lengths from 3" to 6". Available in both blue and nickel finishes. Many special order upgrades were available from the factory. You dont give us any information on the actual condition of the revolver, but from the fact the grips are chipped and the front sight is bent we have to assume it has seen a lot of hard use. Army Special revolvers in mint condition routinely bring $400-$500 (more in rare variations), but I'm thinking this gun more in the $250 range as a shooter.

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