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What is the history of Bowman Dairy?


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For some reason, I thought the family came from the Oak Park-River Forest area, and in googling, I found the following in the special collections of the Chicago Public Library:

Bowman Dairy Reitzel, J. A. The Flourishing Tree: A History of the Bowman Dairy, 1874-1949. Chicago, 1949. Ravenswood-Lake View Community Collection, 5/12 SU HSTCOL


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My grandfather, Edward Kaveny was the general manager of the Englewood branch of Bowman Dairy in the 1920s 1930s. My husband's great-grandfather, John Klasema, worked at Bowman Dairy in Chicago for 40+ years. He delivered milk with a horse drawn wagon, I've been told, on the Miracle Mile. My Great Grandfather, August Lundsteadt,was the safety manager at the dairy in Chicago for 40 years,and retired in 1955.

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