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Who owned and worked at the Bowman Milk Company?

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My grandfather, Edward Kaveny was the general manager of the Englewood branch of Bowman Dairy in the 1920s 1930s. My husband's great-grandfather, John Klasema, worked at Bowman Dairy in Chicago for 40+ years. He delivered milk with a horse drawn wagon, I've been told, on the Miracle Mile. My Great Grandfather, August Lundsteadt,was the safety manager at the dairy in Chicago for 40 years,and retired in 1955.

2005-02-02 15:56:36
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Where on the Southside of Chicago was Bowman Dairy located circa 1910 to 1930?

On the far south side Chicago a building bears the name bears the name Bowman Dairy. It is located at the intersection of 103rd South , Beverly Ave. ( Ashland Ave.) , and Vicennes ave. The name currently covered with a hanging temp sign but I ride pass it daily. Channel 11 aired a fund raiser to purchase videos of Chicago's history circa 1910 and 1930 with a small donation. I saw a photo of that same intersection in the 1930's.I believe the Bowman Dairy was actually north. There is an area called Bowmanville north of Foster and east of Western.There was a Bowman Dairy Co. at 43rd Street South and State Street in Chicago. There was also one at 66th street and Wentworth Avenue. My father delivered routes from both garages from about 1945 up to when they closed. I'm not sure when these facilities were built or went into operation. These were mainly garages for the milk wagons and horses and later the milk trucks. Milk was not processed in these locations. My Brothers and I helped my Dad deliver milk each morning. Dad died but Mom remembers names of others that worked there and are still living. Want more info, contact me.The company I work for has a 1917 Walker Electric Truck with original Bowman Dairy lettering still on it. The address given is 140 West Ontario. I would be interested in learning more about the Bowman Dairy to prepare the truck for a museum exhibit.ThanksDave meierMy grandfather Edward Kaveny, general manager of Englewood branch of Bowman Dairy co. was reported to have instituded individual serving glass bottles of milk to be distributed to Chicago schools for student mealtimes.

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