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What is the history of Cabot cheese?

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December 05, 2008 6:24PM

It got green in John Cabot's shoes Interesting claim, but I think I have a more accurate answer: Cabot Creamery, the makers of Cabot cheese, got its start in 1919, when a bunch of dairy farmers from the Cabot area (in Vermont) got together, pooled their resources, and formed a cooperative. They each contributed some money (to build their processing center) and started taking their extra milk, and turning it into butter, which they were able to sell around Vermont, and eventually, throughout New England. Later the farmers decided to expand their cooperative effort to produce other products--most famously, cheese--and thus the delicious Cabot cheese that we know today got its start. For a more literal translation, (what is the history of the Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar that I just bought in the store?) you're going to need to refer to some cheese-makers; there is milk and separation and aging in warehouses and taste testers and all kinds of logistical nubbies that I just am not an expert on. Good luck :)