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What is the history of a Chicago Company named J V Meyering Trunk Co?

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Answered 2006-02-21 01:48:22

my uncle has this old travel trunk with a closet with original wooden hangars with the right side being dresser drawers stands approx.4.5 feet tall by 2 ft depth opens by latches and has a latch lock he says it was used by the rich to carry their clothing when travelling on ships such as the queen Mary hes not to sure what its worth . It has a metal plate on it that says"J.V. MEYERING TRUNK CO. Chicago-patented custom made.thats all the data i know,i would like to find out what its worth

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Answered 2020-09-05 08:54:43

I have a steamer truck from Meyering trunk co. It has four drawers on one side the other side its an ironing board with the original iron and hangers its in real good condition. Whats it worth?

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