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What is the history of arroz con leche?

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it is Cuban rice pudding

this is not just a Cuban rice pudding like the person before said. This is actually a Latin American dessert that goes all the way back to Spain. Many Latin American countries have their own variations to the recipe, but all of them include rice, sugar, and milk. According to an article I read the moors were possibly the first to introduce this dish to Spain. Arroz con leche was actually made out of convenience to people back in the time before refrigeration. They would use left over rice, so they wouldn't have to waste it.

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When is Arroz con Leche eat?

You eat arroz con leche at home or at parties.

Where did arroz con leche come from?

Arroz Con Leches originated from Spain

What are the ratings and certificates for Arroz con leche - 1950?

Arroz con leche - 1950 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

When was Arroz con leche - film - created?

Arroz con leche - film - was created on 1950-10-05.

What actors and actresses appeared in Arroz con leche - 2009?

The cast of Arroz con leche - 2009 includes: Jorge Ochoa Isabel Sarli

How was arroz con leche invented?

What kind of desserts do Nicaragua eat?

tres leche, arroz con leche, pioquinto.

When is arroz con leche eaten?

Arroz con leche is eaten all the time from family dinners, and all types of Family Gatherings (holidays, birthdays, celebrations, etc.) Hope this helped!

What does the people of Uruguay eat?

asado, bizcochos, a flan with dulce de leche, or an arroz con leche

What is a Spanish dessert?

Turron, flan, arroz con leche, and chocolate con churros are just a few Spanish desserts.

What is a sweet dish which uses rice?

sweet rice in spanish its called arroz con leche

What are the desserts in Peru?

alfajores, crema volteada, arroz con leche, suspiro a la limena, mazamorra

What is the best flavor for frozen ice pops?

Arroz con leche Mango Starwberry Coconut etc...

What does arroz con leche mean in English?

Translates as Rice with Milk, so rice pudding if you like

What are some of Puerto Rico famous food?

Alcapurrias Arroz con Gandules Sanocho Arroz con Pollo Mojo Isleno Bunuelos de Queso Mofongo Tembleque Flan de Leche.

Who made up Arroz con leche?

In Mexico there was an 80 year old woman in 1879 maria santiago dropped fresh milk from a cow in the rice she thought it would be a waste of food so she cooked it after minutes of cooking she sweetened it with Cinnamon that day she made the first pot of arroz con leche

Why is lemon zest used in arroz con leche recipe?

Arroz Con Loche uses lemon zest in the recipe to add the clean, fresh taste of lemon to the recipe. Any citrus fruit is used to replace the ingredient.

What actors and actresses appeared in Arroz con leche - 1950?

The cast of Arroz con leche - 1950 includes: Perla Cristal Virginia de la Cruz Lalo Hartich Eliseo Herrero Adolfo Linvel Arsenio Perdiguero Hilda Rey Esteban Serrador Amelia Vargas Wanda Were Malisa Zini

History on Arroz con Pollo?

Arroz con pollo originated from spain. it was the moorishes who interpurted the food in the eight century and is favored in Latin America.

History of arroz con pollo?

what is the history of arroz con pollo? well i don't now... who about u tell me..plz i need it for a report for school...can you plz plz plz tell me arroz con pollo is a traditional dish mainly in Costa Rica and it is chicken in rice in spanish

What is cafe con leche?

Its spanish. cafe =coffee; con = with; leche = milk.

Nosotros serve arroz con frijoles?

Nosotros servimos arroz con frijoles We serve rice with beans

Foods eaten in spanish speakin countries?

Paella (Spain) Tacos, Tostadas, Pozole, Tamales, Chilaquiles (Mexico) Arroz con leche (throughout Latin America) to name but a few.

What food does Cuba eat?

The common foods called Cuban cuisine are those that would be found in the native cultures of American Indians, African slaves or Spain. Consider dishes like Arroz con leche (Rice Pudding).Okra and rice (Arroz con quombombo).Frijoles con Colorado con carne de puerco (Red kidney beans with pork).Fish and chicken.Yams, Mangoes and bananas.

What is the classic Cuban meal?

The classic Basic Cuban meal is "Arroz con frijoles negros" (rice with black beans). More expensive but also popular are "Arroz con Pollo" (Chicken and Rice) and "Lechon Asado con Arroz" ( Roasted Pork and Rice)