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What is the history of star tattoos?

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Star tattoos In the past have been a symbol of sailors/merchant marines. Nautical stars have certain meanings such as guidance, as do plain five-point stars. A six-point star is a symbol of the Jewish faith as well as an East Coast gang symbol. (A five-point star can mean this as well.) Bottom line: a star can mean anything you want it to.

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What is the meaning of star tattoos?

the meaning of star tattoos most likely mean your from hoover

Billie joe Armstrong star tattoos?

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What do star tattoos by the eye indicate?

Star tattoos near the eye are gang symbols. Teardrop tattoos near the lower corner of the eye indicate you have killed someone.

What is the history of tattoos?

I heard that you should not have an even number of tattoos is that right

What do star tattoos symbolize?


What tattoos where to be on Jews?

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Where can one get star tattoos done?

There are several US based tattoo shops where one can get a star tattoo. One can get star tattoos from the All or Nothing shop located in Georgia. One can also get star tattoos from Alternative Arts tattoo shop in North Carolina.

Do star tattoos symbolize homosexuality?

Not all star tattoos represent homosexuality. Some lesbians have historically used a nautical star or purple star tattoo to represent their sexuality without breeders really knowing about it.

How did tattoos change history?

Tattoos are a way to change your skin, and that was done 12,000 years b.c.

What is the difference between black-red and Black-blue star-tattoos?

Simple one is a black-red star and the other is black-blue star. The only difference is the color.

Why do women get star tattoos over their ovaries?


The illustrated mum by Jacqueline Wilson which of the mother's tattoos represent her two daughters?

The tattoos of a star and a dolphin represent her two daughters because their names are Star and Dolphin.

Do One Direction have tattoos?

Harry has one tattoo, a star on the underside of his left arm. Zayn has eight tattoos.

What do three stars on the thumb web mean?

Star tattoos are very popular among sailors. Three star tattoos could be an indicator that the person, or a family member, is a sailor.

How many tattoos does Harry Styles?

four tattoos one of them is a star under his arm. rumor has it that each end of the star represents each band member in one direction! :)

How many people with black star tattoos are actually gay?

First of all, tattoos have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Second, no surveys are done on gay people and tattoos.

Dual star tattoos?

Dual star tattoos are sometimes associated with crime or criminal families especially those from eastern Europe. The tattoos can also represent the death of someone via service in the Navy or someone surviving a near death experience.

How many tattoos does Angela Simmons have?

1 on her leg of a star. it is not on her leg it is one star on her foot

What tattoos symbolize hope?

A Star Tatoo symbolize hope.

Tattoos of a star on your shoulder?

That's a statement - what's the question?

Does Candice Accola have Tattoos?

Yes. She has a Swallow and a star outline.

How many tattoos does Beau Brooks have?

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What does star tattoos behind the ear mean?

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