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the history of DVD player was invented in Japan

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what kind of DVD player is it? did u mean just dvd or dvd player?

Rewrite is a record function, a dvd player is just that, a player.

The Sony DVP FX930 DVD player is a small portable DVD player. The COBY TFDVD7008 DVD player is another example.

A DVD player plays DVD's. A DVD Recorder records DVD's.

The DVD player produces output to a screen from a DVD, which is storage. The DVD player first has to read the DVD, so it has input components too.

Fist you need to install a car DVD player in your car. Then insert a DVD in to the car DVD player.

that means either the DVD player is broken or the DVD doesnt work on that type of player

An "upscaling" DVD player will have an HDMI output, as will a Blu-Ray player and an HD-DVD player (although HD-DVD is a dead format now).

To play a HD DVD you need a HD DVD player. A standard DVD player will not play a HD DVD, nor will a Blu-ray player. HDMI is just a connection: it won't give your standard DVD player superpowers.

vcr out into DVD in, DVD out into tvhd in

insert dvd into dvd player and press play :L

You cant because it is a dvd player and not a dvd writer. You can erase it using a computer with a dvd drive

an hd dvd player is high definition so you get a better clearer picture a ordinary dvd player is stardard def

There are a number of possible reasons for a DVD not to play on a DVD player. In an effort to reduce piracy, DVDs and DVD players are designed for a group of large geographical zones, and a DVD intended for the European zone will not play on an American DVD player. Aside from that, the DVD could be damaged, or the DVD player could be damaged. Or not plugged in.

A regular DVD player will not play HD DVD discs. You will need an HD DVD player to use these DVDs.

The DVD player usually opens when you insert a DVD. If it does not you can find the DVD Player in the Applications folder and double click on the icon to open it.

yes every DVD player can read CD ... therefore you can watch cd on a DVD player

A DVD can not be used in a CD Player, but a CD can be used in a DVD Player.

No, a DVD player cannot record a video: however a DVD recorder can.

I think that is the Panasonic DVD-L50 Portable DVD Player.

the portabe DVD player was invented in 1995

No, But you can play a CD in a DVD player.

A DVD player is input and output.

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